Neon Bricks Master MOD APK 1.0.23 (Unlimited money)

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NameNeon Bricks Master APK
PublisherTunup Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Neon Bricks Master is a brick-breaking mobile game full of entertainment and fun. It is similar to the egg shooting game, Candy Crush, … each game has its features. Suppose anyone is passionate and patient with the world of models and interested in them. Neon Bricks Master is a unique product and should not be missed at your leisure. You will become a talented bricklayer in the space world of vivid square blocks. The game challenges those who have the patience to maintain through the levels. Each game screen will have its imprints and challenges for players to face. Have you ever seen squares containing different numbers?

Imagine you are entering a strange cosmic space with particular models. Your main task is to arrange and solve them appropriately. Like solving math problems, all numbers appear in front of the player in various ways. For example, you will play as a fiery white ball with trips to these digital models. Calculate and strategize how to make the ball go and destroy all the neon blocks in front of you. Those are the bricks that need to be solved.

Neon Bricks Master mod

Download Neon Bricks Master mod – destroy neon

Multicolored neon blocks will be arranged together like high-rise buildings. Be the master bricklayer and solve all those bricks. Those with numbers will also be placed in squares of the same color. Carefully calculate the ball’s path to destroy the most bricks, and the numbers gradually go to 0. The game seems simple but requires you to observe and calculate the steps in your head. The bright white ball will be fired continuously until all colored blocks are destroyed. We will have time for each level, so we must smash them as quickly as possible. The later, the less time will be, so we must take advantage of every opportunity inherent. The number one tile master is you!

Simple gameplay

Players will have an angle to target above with familiar gameplay in some archery and egg shooting games. Touch the screen and move the ball to the position you want. Remember to calculate so the ball will fall on the most colored frames. The player must control and predict where the ball will hit before tossing the ball. Do not indiscriminately serve the ball in time. The more you do this, the more you will destroy the number of bricks that will not be optimal and achieve the highest results. Choose a location that is just enough and correct. Destroy the colored blocks near you first. Then gradually collect until the last lines, the game will end, and you will win. Remember to destroy them all when you reach 0.

Neon Bricks Master apk

Ball upgrade

The more balls, the better it will be to destroy neon blocks because they will be more and more and thicker. You will not be able to control if the number of balls is too small. It will not be enough to break such a massive number of colored bricks. Therefore, the player must upgrade his ball to the permanent stage. This means that the number of balls will not be interrupted, and you will be free to focus on destroying neon. Then, through each turn, you will get stars. Then, use it to upgrade our ball. Then, the ball will be emitted continuously and with a higher frequency. The game gets easier when you use multiple balls in one go. More or less, the bricks will burst with each wave of the ball. Gradually you will get to the final level quickly!

Various models

Our colorful neon blocks will be made into diverse shapes. This helps create more inspiration for players. In addition, increasing the difficulty for each level because the probability of the ball hitting every corner is very difficult. So, be very patient and finish the brickwork to the end! Don’t give up easily because you will feel exceptional when you reach your goal. The game will have rankings for each turn, invite friends and compete together. It will be fun to create your challenges and see who is the best tile demolition, master.

Neon Bricks Master mod apk

Entirely suitable for all ages with simple and easy-to-use gameplay. Enter the virtual world together to meet diverse and colorful blocks. Test your patience and calculation ability through the game. Promises to bring you moments of a headache but are equally fascinating. The game is free and an excellent choice for fans of this genre. Download Neon Bricks Master mod to your phone and open up a neon block world. Master them all!

Download Neon Bricks Master MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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