Wheel of Fortune: Free Play MOD APK (Menu, Auto Solve) 3.86

Updated 22/02/2024 (1 week ago)
NameWheel of Fortune: Free Play APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto Solve
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Wheel of Fortune: Free Play

Your practical knowledge is always the most powerful weapon to conquer challenges. Wheel of Fortune: Free Play can also help you earn rewards from it. But how can this practical knowledge make money? That is participating in the trendy TV show Wheel of Fortune. Can you become the best player in the show and win the super prize? Let’s find out about this today.

Surely we have heard about the very familiar Wheel of Fortune name. This is a top-rated TV show in the US with comprehensive coverage. Based on that, developer Scopely created the game Wheel of Fortune: Free Play. It will faithfully reproduce what Wheel of Fortune brings. Use questions to challenge players’ reasoning and knowledge. Make your dream of standing on stage a reality.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play mod

Download Wheel of Fortune: Free Play mod – Conquer the most challenging questions

Come to Wheel of Fortune: Free Play wisdom is what will help you earn rewards. The method of operation of this game is no different from reality at all. First, the program will give a particular phrase hidden behind the white crosswords. Each turn, you can only guess a single crossword in it. If you think correctly, you will get a spin of the wheel of fortune to choose the reward. The more you answer, the more gifts you have. Where the wheel of fortune stops, you will receive compensation in that box or maybe nothing. Don’t let other players take the advantage you have.

Solve puzzles

With Wheel of Fortune: Free Play, the puzzles are taken entirely from the ideas of the original program. These puzzles will get more challenging through the levels you choose. The bigger the challenges, the more complex and complicated the crosswords. This means that you will have more chances to guess correctly. But at the same time, it will be challenging to complete it in the amount of time we desire. He can use his guess to solve the entire crossword in one turn. If that’s possible, you might even need to spend half the time on the program. The more sensitive you are, the more rewards you get and the higher your value.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play mod free

Collect treasures

If you want to increase your fortune, then hunt for valuable treasures. These precious things will include flowers, wooden figurines, pine needles, or coconuts. Each thing can be exchanged for certain valuable items. For example, money or diamonds are used to spend for the next level. These treasures are either random during the spins or rewarded for completing the quest. When you play long enough, you will be able to collect many of these. Find enough numbers to meet the requests and get resources corresponding to your efforts. Not only are you a casual player, but you are also a great collector.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play mod apk

Compete with other players

When you switch to online mode, you will have the opportunity to meet other players. They are randomly sorted by the system and come from everywhere. The players do not know each other entirely and will fight each other in a highly intense way. It is impossible to predict in advance who will lose all their money and who will win. Those with more knowledge and luck may have a great advantage. If you want to overcome these players, you need to prepare carefully. Never make unwise choices that lead to undesirable consequences. Prove that you are justly superior to others.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play mod android

Go around the world

Traveling around the world is not difficult if you are a player of Wheel of Fortune: Free Play. Legendary host Pat Sajak will be the one to guide you where you want to go. In normal mode, it will split into different locations. These places are famous cities in the world such as L.A., Tokyo, Paris, Rome,… In each area, the program will be organized in a unique style. The themes of the quizzes are also presented in a variety of ways. It will be like going on your own and experiencing and learning about different cultures. The rewards you get will also be prosperous.

As an intellectual game, Wheel of Fortune: Free Play mod does not create any boredom. It brings us exciting things that cannot be found anywhere else. Make each play a feeling of joy overflowing.

How to Download & Install Wheel of Fortune: Free Play MOD APK (Menu, Auto Solve) for Android


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1 year ago

I love this game thanks so much I also love the show when it used to be played