Dream House Days MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets, research points) 2.3.6

Updated on 12/02/2023 (2 months ago)
NameDream House Days APK
PublisherKairosoft Co.,Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tickets, research points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Have you ever thought of designing your own dream home? Let Dream House Days help you. In the game, participants will show off all the roles of the architect, interior designer, and host at the same time. You are the one who creates, manages, and develops your building so that anyone can be satisfied when coming here. If in real life you have to take a lot of effort, in Dream House Days, jobs will be solved in a split second. The things of your dreams will gradually appear right in front of your eyes.

Come to Dream House Days to embark on building your apartment. Your goal is to create the most comfortable and comfortable apartment. As a homeowner, the responsibility of improving and upgrading the space will be by your design. Players must think about how to please customers and create results when renting a house. Come to think of it, it’s just too powerful to be master. The idea from the little things in Dream House Days is very subtle and interesting. Don’t think only super stuff is addictive, sometimes ordinary things will blow you away when it’s bad.

Dream House Days mod

Download Dream House Days mod – Create a dream house

In Dream House Days there is a lot for you to explore. Each year there will be a contest for you to enter and then receive your reward. Tenants not only stay at home, but they can also go to other jobs such as shopping, eating, dating, sauna… Even the tenants will be loved, married, even you. baby too. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you.

Dream House Days apk

Control everything at hand

When you host in Dream House Days, you will be busy with everything and not as happy as you think you are. To build and manage an apartment as you like, you have to try a lot. By hand, you have to spend every dollar, from the item to create the house you have always wanted. Starting the game, there is a character claiming to be his assistant to guide his investment. Help you get home with four empty dining rooms, from there embark on decoration and remodeling. In addition, you can also buy all new furniture and upgrade the apartment to prepare for rent.

All the cleaning, new, or remodeling processes are quite complex. But not so that the fun stops there. Dream House Days wants to support you with the practical essentials of being an owner. You will go through the stage of leasing, posting news, finding promotional services, distributing leaflets… After giving the information to everyone, you will have to contact the person who wants to rent a house. After grasping all the needs of customers, it will proceed to sign a contract. It is a journey that is not easy but will give you a wealth of experiences.

Dream House Days free

Learn how to decorate the top

Dream House Days allows you to combine many elements to create different spaces. In order to increase your apartment’s ratings and rents, you must ensure that a tenant will live comfortably. For example, you can set up TVs and game consoles for guests in the room to create a game room. For art lovers, use your grand piano to play with them. If you create more luxurious apartments, it will attract celebrities. Can cause both singers or athletes to move in. Increasing the ranking of the apartment helps you somewhat increase revenue for yourself.

Always be alert when working

At Dream House Days, players not only build houses but also manage all the jobs there. Also here, you will be able to unleash your flexibility and acumen. Consider management capacity through the work of checking and verifying customer information. Which is about their occupation, background, education, health, their essential needs with the apartment. Dream House Days are flexible for choosing how to pay for the house, negotiating, and discussing to find the best plan for both parties. But since you are a landlord, the ultimate goal will be a profitable business. If you decide not carefully, you will definitely lose money and become a loser.

Dream House Days free mod

Unique scoring method

Dream House Days’ scoring is slightly different from the game. The first is that change is used to buy houses, buy things and receive rent from customers. The second is the research point, mainly used in researching and surveying the market. Finally, with cash, it is used to invest in high-end activities such as scratching and paying for advertising.

You are the one who dares to dream, dare to do it right? If you are a qualified landlord you will help your apartment develop and expand immediately. Download Dream House Days mod now to get closer to your dream of creating and managing great.

Download Dream House Days MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets, research points) for Android

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