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Updated 10/11/2022 (1 year ago)
NameSuper Stickman Fighter APK
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MOD FeaturesImmortal
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Super Stickman Fighter

Dragon Ball’s comic books and animated series have been feverish for generations. We all know or have heard of Dragon Ball. The superheroes in space carry terrible power. The landslide battles take place on distant planets. The powerful moves released to make us overwhelmed. Experience the Super Stickman Fighter to participate in fierce battles, explore super cool transforms.

The image of the stick man is no stranger to us anymore. These rudimentary lines have now been transformed into a cult game. With powerful characters in the story of Dragon Ball is gathered. Battles to show his destructive power have begun with great graphics along with interesting gameplay and challenge yourself. You will enjoy the familiar combat scenes like in the cartoon. The distant planets are the places where fiery battles take place. Let’s show off all our fighting skills to break through our limits. Become a stickman champion with incredible power to destroy planets.

Super Stickman Fighter mod download

Download Super Stickman Fighter mod – Fight with dangerous shadows

In the arena of Super Stickman Fighter, you are a chosen gladiator. Fight with the enemies out there to protect Earth’s survival. You will be selected as your favorite character to be able to fight the enemy. Use the joystick so your character can move left and right. Your character will have a total of eight combat skills. Each ability unleashes a different type of attack, some with a cooldown and some not. You will have five types of attacks, and some will need you to upgrade to be able to unlock them. Some types of attacks will consume a certain amount of energy, so use them with caution.

Super Stickman Fighter mod apk

Dozens of powerful characters

Super Stickman Fighter will synthesize many characters in Dragon Ball and almost no shortage. With 46 characters with terrible powers for you to choose from. Each character will have a characteristic shape similar to Dragon Ball but in the form of a stick man. Each character possesses different skills with many unique fighting styles. Under your control, they will fight enemies to achieve the ultimate victory. Practice and familiarize yourself with the control system. Coordinate the skills of the character in a reasonable way. Create powerful combos that terrify enemies, creating beautiful combat effects.

Super Stickman Fighter mod free

Super cool transformations

Super Stickman Fighter possesses many transformations like in the movie. There will be all transformations such as Super Saiyan levels 1, 2, 3, 4… Or Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan God. Not only that but there is also a new transformation that is the infinity instinct of the heroes. Fans of Dragon Ball are loving a new shape. Along with that, the enemies were fully brought in, and their transformations were enough. Unleash your possession of these transformations by collecting in the game. Diversify your collection with powerful morphs. Own all the characters in the movie in full.

Super Stickman Fighter mod android

Fight against dangerous bosses.

Ordinary warriors cannot satisfy you in Super Stickman Fighter. Then don’t be happy because there are also dangerous bosses. They will carry enough power to make you feel dreadful. Every hit they release will cause your HP to drop drastically. Not only that, if you hit special moves, you may die. So the best way to deal with them is to upgrade your character to be stronger. Unlock the full range of character skills and use them properly to fight. Prepare well to face these terribly powerful foes and bring glory.

Super Stickman Fighter mod apk free

Many other interesting things

It’s not just characters from Dragon Ball that are included in Super Stickman Fighter. You can also fight the legendary Ninja Naruto. Many other cool characters will be included in the game. Take control of your enormous power to avoid destroying planets in battle. You can compete against other opponents in a fiery 1v1 duel match. Show off your strong fighting skills to others. Download Super Stickman Fighter mod now to become a powerful warrior. Unleash fighting with cosmic opponents. Show off your skillful fighting skills through controlling the character and defeating opponents.

How to Download & Install Super Stickman Fighter MOD APK (Immortal) for Android


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