MonstaVerse MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 0.0.541

Updated 27/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameMonstaVerse APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MonstaVerse MOD APK detail?


  1. Free Purchase
  2. God mode
  3. Damage Multiplier
  4. Defense Multiplier

Introduce MOD APK MonstaVerse

MonstaVerse MOD APK – is the place for you to become a master of battle strategy. Players will be transported into a fictional world where giant dragons battle demons. Choose and control your pets to participate in dramatic battles in the dragon world. Build your tactical deck and outsmart your enemies in quick real-time matches. The game also offers 3 extremely diverse and attractive game modes. Like Monter Royale, here we need to merge the same potions to deal damage to the enemy. Besides, there is Dragon v Zombie with campaign mode and Dragon Royale with PvP form.

In addition, the product also has impressive and high-quality graphics. It will give players a beautiful and enjoyable visual experience. The animals are uniquely meticulously designed with delicate details and come in a variety of colors. The effects are extremely special, building the environment with many beautiful images. From the natural landscapes and the land, create a planet full of life and bustle. Provide many features for users to easily play the game. Choose from different dragons, each with their unique abilities. You can level up and customize your monsters to your liking. Let’s challenge each other in dramatic fighting battles.

MonstaVerse mod min

Download MonstaVerse MOD APK – Entertaining moments in intense confrontations with dragons

This is a game in the direction of imagination and logical thinking. It is necessary to strengthen your defense system so that it is as smooth as possible. Do your best to save the towers from the onslaught of zombies. Fight against powerful zombies by summoning dragons from your deck. Merge identical species to level up to gain more power. Finish them all before going to the castle. Victory will belong to the one who defends the base and defeats the ghosts. In addition, it is also necessary to increase the attack power of the team and draw up appropriate plans. To deceive the enemy into a trap that we have prepared before.

MonstaVerse mod free min

The beginning of the era of upper dragons

When we first start playing, we need to go through stages from easy to difficult. Gradually upgrade your animals to a better state and have an absolute power threshold. Will have to take care and train his dragon god. This is the initial stage in building the most advanced squad and strategy. Provide food and teach them, to participate in resistance activities to be able to fight. Over time pets will evolve into large monsters and change their appearance. They are not only companions in adventure but also mighty warriors. Very reliable in battles against zombie forces.

MonstaVerse mod apk min

It’s time to grow up and protect the kingdom

You will face challenges with noble tasks on your shoulders. Defend the castle of invading monsters with extremely cruel armies. It is also an important mission to help make the world peaceful and safe from the beasts. Master and control pre-planned battlefields, and create a powerful army. With dragons were super strong and capable of spitting fire, creating sharp shards of ice that pierced the dense shields of demons. Use the power of magic to create fiery dramatic battles. Use epic dragons and unpredictable cards to defeat your opponent.

MonstaVerse mod apk free min

Fierce battles full of blood

During the fight can occur in many different environments. From desolate places to wild lands and deep caves. It all affects the way we approach and challenge. Need to create your squads with the most extensive skills and energy. React quickly and intercept the onslaught of youkai attacks. At the same time, you must make good use of the flexibility of the squad to place the positions accordingly. These stages are very tense and the battle between evil and good.

MonstaVerse free min

Achieve unexpected results

To succeed in battle will require ingenuity, tactics and thinking. In controlling the god dragon, use all the items you have to win. Explore many open worlds in the game. Complete the assigned tasks and open up new developments for the next journey. Achieve high results and well-deserved rewards with countless records created and become a champion. With challenging gameplay, and many strategic options, go to MonstaVerse MOD APK.

How to Download & Install MonstaVerse MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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