Candy Disaster TD MOD APK 2.1.1 (Menu, Unlimited money/VIP)

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NameCandy Disaster TD APK
PublisherErabit Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/VIP
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. Unlimited VIP/Gem ( Refresh everytime when open up shop. Just re-open shop a few times and you’ll understand )
3. No Item Cost ( Extra Coins, Fang Bomb, Dry Ice etc )
4. Coin won’t Decrease ( Trap cost during stage )
5. No Pop Up Ads

Candy Disaster TD is a new tactical defense game with many breakthroughs. It is still the player’s task to build defense mechanisms to keep the stronghold safe. Enemies kept coming in endlessly in waves of attacks. However, because of this new generation, Candy Disaster TD has innovative elements. In the game’s world, gamers will not only have basic types of defense towers. Instead, there will be countless types of traps with many different uses for players. The context of the game has ancient places, but there are modern traps. Nothing more than the right combination of traps.

Defense games, since their release, have always made people feel hooked. The basic towers are soldier towers, bow towers, master towers, turrets, and upgrades. And thanks to that upgrade, new mechanisms and features of tower types are unlocked. The only thing that can make players feel less attractive is the number of towers. Get a wallet; in Realm Defense, at each level, the number of buildings is limited. Thus, the possible consequence is that the player has a lot of gold but cannot build more towers. This leads to either the player having to use additional items or accepting defeat. As for Candy Disaster TD, the number of buildings is unlimited.

Candy Disaster TD mod

Download Candy Disaster TD mod – Defense into a new generation

If you want to find something new in a defense game, Candy Disaster TD is for you. The improvement lies right in the image, the battle maps as well, and the enemy is shaping. All the elements mentioned above are invested with 3D imaging technology. The enemies are not only ferocious on the game screen, but some people also look pretty stupid. So that every time they see how they move, players will find it funny rather than threatening. The player will become a scientist who is helping his friend collect candy. However, the giant monsters, the locals, wanted to steal those candies. And from here, the brutal battles begin; you need to stop the candy bandits. Before starting the level, you will have a certain amount of gold to set up the first traps. When the setting is done, start the level, and the enemy will follow the direction of the red arrow.

Candy Disaster TD apk free

A large number of traps

Game maker Candy Disaster TD, with his creativity, has created a variety of traps. Nothing more than these are great teammates of players, helping to overcome challenges. At the tutorial level, the first trap is used to knock the enemy in the specified direction. Let’s talk a little about the terrain, at each level; there will be dangerous deep water holes. Enemies that need to fall into those water holes will surely die immediately. You can use those knock traps to push enemies toward deep water holes. However, getting the surprises to work takes time, so let’s move on to the next trap. The second trap the player can use is the stone trap, which will poke sharp stones. Once an enemy steps through, activating this trap will cause the rocks to rise like spikes. The third type of trap, exceptional because it can be mounted on the wall, traps metal spikes.

Candy Disaster TD apk

Different play areas

In Candy Disaster TD, there will be three battle zones, namely the Jungle, the Desert, and the Ice and Snow. In the early stages, the Jungle is the battlefield you need to protect the candy. Around the screen area, there are many trees and dangerous deep water holes. Here, the player must meet the locals, who are always armed with homemade spears. There are also people holding wooden shields that are constantly rushing to steal candy. In the desert area, there are still water holes, but cacti will appear everywhere. Enemies here can be those with a towel on their heads, the sandfish. As for the ice and snow area, blue and white snow are the primary colors.

Candy Disaster TD mod apk

Exciting Achievements

To encourage gamers to always fight hard in the levels, the game has a great achievement system. When achieving achievements, of course, there must be great attractive rewards. Specifically, in Candy Disaster TD is a large number of diamonds for each achievement. The first achievement is elementary, taking advantage of the terrain inherent in the game screen to destroy the enemy. Remember the trap that knocks enemies in the direction mentioned above? Use that trap to knock the enemy into the waterhole, and you will achieve this. The second achievement is not too difficult; you need to complete any level in the jungle. You can finish in accessible mode.

Candy Disaster TD android

Candy Disaster TD is a new generation tower defense game with many advancements. With the gameplay, you do not need to be too concerned about the number of buildings built. Download Candy Disaster TD mod to make traps from basic to modern and protect the candies with your best friend.

Download Candy Disaster TD MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/VIP) for Android

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