Growkingdom2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds/Stones/Scrolls) 1.1.21

Updated 14/04/2023 (1 year ago)
NameGrowkingdom2 APK
PublisherPokara Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Diamonds/Stones/Scrolls
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Growkingdom2

Growkingdom2 is a strategy game that allows you to take over a kingdom constantly threatened by other domains. Ready to build a strong army to be able to defend your tower? Teams of monsters and soldiers from other places attacked continuously in waves. A series of ferocious enemies are invading your stronghold. And you can’t sit still, put up barriers and defend. Start building a unique defence army consisting of infantry, archers, artillery, cavalry and even giant champions. Each infantry type will have advantages and disadvantages, determining its position on the battlefield.

Players need to have logical gameplay to be able to stop this aggressive wave. If there are only superficial arrangements, you can accept defeat anytime. Your enemies are equally diverse, including infantry, air troops, monsters, and dragons. Build the most powerful kingdom in history ever. Show your full command of troops through troop placements. Immerse yourself in massive battles, and strengthen various mechanisms to defend the kingdom. Once the domain has been built, you can explore many places—especially the fortress, where soldiers and heroes are always protected.

Growkingdom2 android

Download Growkingdom2 mod – Show your ability to command troops through tower defence battles.

In the beginning, the player is guided through the first steps through an orange arrow. Here, the types of soldiers are divided into different groups and represented by cards. When you want to put a group of soldiers where you drag and drop them, have your troops guard every position on the stronghold, centre, left, right, below and even in the air. You can place archer units on the citadel to attack flying monsters—or infantry units to defend against enemy melee legions. As enemies appear increasingly, you are forced to increase the number of troops.

Growkingdom2 apk free

Army Groups

As a defensive war, Growkingdom2 provides players with a variety of soldiers. There are infantry, archers, long-range assault soldiers, etc. With many different shapes, your soldiers hold each weapon to enter the battle. Soldiers riding on horses, orange wild boar, grey deer. The infantry also has people holding shields to defend; weapons can be swords, hammers, and axes. The game also provides battle dragons that can attack from long range or high altitude. The red battle dragon spits out clusters of flames that shoot enemies coming from afar. Or the blue battle dragon that spits out icy-cold icicles.

Growkingdom2 mod apk

Power Upgrading

Your enemies will become stronger and stronger, which is inevitable. Therefore, your army must also become stronger and stronger, not forever standing still. There are many ways to strengthen your army through each battle, for example, instead of arranging the same group of soldiers at a particular position. Players can be more flexible in changing and making the proper arrangements. In addition, players can also equip weapons, jewellery, and clothes for their squad. This equipment shighlights your army and increases each person’s combat stats—a fusion of precious stones gained through each battle.

Growkingdom2 apk

Flexible location

The battle, regardless of day and night, regardless of location, does not stop. Once your kingdom is protected, new bases are opened. Each site has different topographical features and towers in other places. Players need to observe each area and calculate the position of each part of the site. For example, the site’s building, the soldiers’ tents, the fences, the houses, etc. The battle can occur at a secret base inside the deep forest, but they are discovered. Or in the residential area with many tiny houses in danger of destruction. Besides the craggy cliffs that make it difficult for your infantry team to fight.

Growkingdom2 mod

Enemy troops approach in large numbers, but they often appear in groups. Before entering the battle, you can preview the enemy’s position. But that’s just the appearance because these troops were continuously supplied when the war took place. They also have archers or ranged warriors. The arrangement of the enemy’s army is also relatively tight, making it difficult for you. They also have flying warriors who aim to invade your tower high above. Download Growkingdom2 mod tower defense game against the army of the enemy kingdom.

How to Download & Install Growkingdom2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds/Stones/Scrolls) for Android


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