Memorigi MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 7.0.3

Updated on 15/05/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMemorigi APK
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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When there are many things to do simultaneously, a comprehensive list is probably just what everyone needs. Memorigi could be just that essential list because it can record any of your activities. Set a schedule for each of your tasks coming up. Sort them by custom time so that you don’t get confused. Memorigi is a virtual calendar filled with essential functions for users. Perfect for when you are a busy person. When you have a lot of schedules, it can be a bit difficult to arrange them correctly. Memorigi can help you with this situation.

The list in Memorigi was created by you. You will add in this application the work in your life. Please make an appointment for it at the right time. Once done, it will work as you want it to. Notify you of the work you will do on time or a little earlier. More than just an alarm clock, Memorigi can also be used as a list of your plans for the future. Appreciate and motivate users to work hard and diligently.

Memorigi mod

Download Memorigi mod – To-do list and notification

Adding to-dos to Memorigi is the first thing you need to do. You will be given a choice to set up a paragraph, work item, table… Any document to store the work ideally. The next step is to set hours to do those tasks. The option by the calendar is available in the app at a specific date and time. Every time you arrive on time, Memorigi will notify you of what needs to be done. This message is displayed on the smartphone screen even when it is locked or unlocked. You will know immediately what you need to do and do it without delay. That’s the fundamental way Memorigi works.

Memorigi mod free

Sort work by level

Depending on the importance of the tasks, you can prioritize them. Use items, headings, groups, lists, tags to prioritize work. You may need to complete a draft to hand it over to the company more quickly than completing your exercise. This arrangement brings a particular convenience to users. Because if all the jobs had the same priority, you wouldn’t know which to do first. Take control of the things in your life. Consider whether it is vital to your current life or not. This way, you will do everything effectively.

Memorigi mod apk

Distinctive design

If you are a decorator, it will be difficult to accept an incomplete and uncreative list. Memorigi provides users with a lot of unique ways to decorate. It is possible to change the color of work items and make them more memorable, sometimes even to meet the need to distinguish between many other jobs. Insert into the list of cool stickers to make your work fun. Beautiful add-ons can be applied to a wide variety of to-do lists and are suitable for many people’s interests. Although they do not contribute to your work, they motivate you to work hard every day.

Memorigi mod apk free

Remind all activities

More than just a day job, Memorigi can announce other side activities if you like. Maybe it’s your favorite book reading schedule. Notifications for upcoming yoga and fitness classes. Schedule for self-study foreign languages ​​in a fixed time. So not only making work close but other activities are also prioritized by Memorigi to improve users’ lives. Help you stay healthy and add more critical knowledge. We can not fault those beautiful things.

Memorigi free

Memorigi is just one of many apps with similar functionality. It’s about notifying the tasks you need to complete and scheduling them. But with the creativity and inspiration of the developer, the Memorigi mod will be loved and used much more popular.

Download Memorigi MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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