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Updated 22/08/2023 (11 months ago)
NameEZ Notes APK
PublisherAlexander Madani
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SupportAndroid 4.0+
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Introduce MOD APK EZ Notes

Modern life is always full of things, and we need notes from EZ Notes. It will allow you to create the necessary notes in daily tasks. Helps you remember what you need to do to do it correctly. An effective support tool for those who are forgetful or too busy. Arrange your plans most scientifically and practically to implement them. It will be responsible for reminding you as a reliable companion.

Note-taking applications are no longer strange and built-in on intelligent devices. However, it is too ordinary and becomes inconvenient for some people from time to time. So it takes EZ Notes to improve all of that and work smart. This is the application developed and brought to the market by Alexander Madani. Outperform all other note-taking apps with voice integration. Make everything more straightforward and more convenient than ever.

EZ Notes mod

Download EZ Notes mod – Create thoughtful notes every day

With the EZ Notes app, you can do many exciting things with its tools. Specifically, you can create simple written notes and save them. But not only that, you can ultimately make voice notes. That is, the application will record everything you just said. Then save it as audio until you open it up and listen to it again at any time. This is a convenient feature for everyone because it doesn’t distract us. Avoid being too hasty and misinterpreting the content as the method of writing. Extremely optimized operation with all devices.

EZ Notes mod free

Easy sharing

You can create your notes and then share them with others. You can share via various messaging tools or social networking sites. Just press share, and the available options will appear so you can share anything. Share so everyone can get to-dos every day. You can also save notes and organize them into your archive for easy memorization. EZ Notes also has a handwriting function, allowing you to write letters by hand. If the phone has stylus support, this job is much easier. Users will get the type of notes they like.

EZ Notes mod apk

Job priority

With EZ Notes, users can create a weekly to-do list for themselves. Make notes for all the tasks you need to do at each time. This list will be arranged in a grid for you to follow easily. Schedule to create reminders every day. It will automatically notify you at the specified times, so you know what to do next. Voice notes will automatically play to keep your hands free. Homework, records, or diaries will be something that can be presented easily in EZ Notes. Every task that you do will be made into a specific schedule.

EZ Notes mod apk free

Safe security

EZ Notes is an application aimed at absolute privacy and security for its customers. You can proceed to set a password to prevent others from infringing on personal information. This password will include characters with a length of your choice. If they intentionally intrude, the application will be locked for those who do not have the password. Restoring is only possible once you have given permission and taken the necessary steps. The application also will not track any user activity on the device. Make sure everything is happening only under the control of one individual. You will have more peace of mind in using all of your notes.

EZ Notes mod android

Sorting notes

You can categorize your notes according to the tasks you’re working on. There are many categories like education, work, resume, or file naming ideas. These files will contain notes that you specialize in for that area. Users can also change the location or edit it whenever they need. Prioritize messages so you can get the most important things done first. Set the time until the specified time the note is displayed automatically. Users do not need to go to the application to see the work that they need to do. You will indeed have the most beautiful work schedule.

The EZ Notes mod will be your practical assistant in daily life with the above valuable features. No more missing out on things that need to be done and work scientifically.

How to Download & Install EZ Notes APK for Android


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