ActionDash MOD APK (Unlocked Plus) 9.8.0

Updated 09/06/2024 (4 days ago)
NameActionDash APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Plus
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK ActionDash

Excessive phone usage or unnecessary applications. This is definitely a common condition that many people suffer. It greatly affects your own life. Makes things stagnant and doesn’t achieve high productivity. ActionDash MOD APK (Unlocked Plus) is the application that helps you fix that. With the function of controlling daily activities. The time you are using the device. For users to easily review the process they use. From there, it will be used in a balanced and reasonable way. Instead of constantly using the network to play useless games. Or watching too many news channels takes too much time. ActionDash will be your companion and help you get rid of bad habits.

ActionDash APK mod will make you more focused on what you do. Minimize usage for hours with the phone. This is probably one of the problems many people today. Always use your phone at all times, even when it’s not needed. That has made people live more closely. People rarely share and confide in each other. ActionDash is an application that will give you the benefits of using it. Tell you how to manage your time. Arrange and fulfill many of your own plans. ActionDash is a useful option for you.

ActionDash mod

Download ActionDash mod – Manage phone time

The phone has become an indomitable object. Always carry it wherever you go. Because it offers a lot of different tools and features. Meet the essential needs of the user. But the gas pair uses it too much. There will also be consequences for the user. Especially in terms of time, if you use too much. ActionDash APK 9.8.0 will be the application to control usage time. Turn off and block distracting notifications from all the apps on your device. Users will work and learn more effectively. Avoid spending hours on websites or games that disturb you.

ActionDash mod free

Highly concentrate

ActionDash MOD APK will keep you from getting caught up in other games or activities. Makes you more focused on the job or the things you are doing. So that you can make things progress. Help you get better results. Instead of being influenced too much by undesirable pleasures. ActionDash is there for you to do your best. Turn this mode on the app so that you will get fewer distractions. About unimportant things. Change old habits and maintain more positive new habits.

ActionDash mod android

Turn off notifications

The notices above are sent by all applications. This will make the user always pay attention to it. That way, what you are doing can stall. The application has the function to turn off all notifications. Or you can even uninstall any settings, not let yourself be affected by those. The user selects the desired application and deactivates the feature of sending notifications. You will no longer be bothered by these notifications. Instead, pay more attention to the things that you need to deal with. Through simple operations in the settings. You can easily block app-wide notifications.

Control usage times

Every time you turn on the device, ActionDash will record the metrics. According to each day, there will be statistics recorded. By every work or whatever. Many people have the habit of turning on the phone. Through this feature, users will easily check the number of times they have opened the device. Thanks to that, you will also self-reduce the usage when not needed. Let you are in hours of work working in the most effective way. Minimize the use of the phone. Thus, all works will be completed faster than expected. Look at the figures that have been compiled. See how you used your phone during the day.

ActionDash mod apk

ActionDash application with extremely useful functions. Gives you control over your work as well as how many times you turn on the phone. Make sure to fund your time every day. Make all jobs are completed on schedule. Download ActionDash mod to manage time and limit phone usage per day when not needed.

How to Download & Install ActionDash MOD APK (Unlocked Plus) for Android


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