Floaty for Sticky Notes MOD APK (Donate) 1.2.2

Updated 30/05/2022 (2 years ago)
NameFloaty for Sticky Notes APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Floaty for Sticky Notes

Notes are saved quickly and synchronized with the convenient operating system. Floaty for Sticky Notes is that note-taking app. Anything you record is instantly saved. And if you want, feel free to sync them with multiple devices or systems. Put your notebook and pen aside. Because now, we have a much better and more convenient application. Floaty for Sticky Notes is not for those who don’t want to save important information. Only when you are serious and need to keep your information secure, Floaty for Sticky Notes is useful.

The first point that can be noticed is that Floaty for Sticky Notes uses a lot of linked accounts. Understandably, security should be the top priority. Floaty for Sticky Notes is not only praised for its storage capacity. It is also a multitasking function and rare for many applications to do. So feel free to use Floaty for Sticky Notes while in other apps. Taking notes becomes easy and not as slow as writing with a pen on paper. Changing the way your recording is necessary. Because what we need is quick convenience.

Floaty for Sticky Notes mod

Download Floaty for Sticky Notes mod – Notes and security at the highest level

Of course, the most crucial part is how to take notes. Perhaps not much instruction is needed when taking notes is as simple as accessing Floaty for Sticky Notes. A space will appear for you to fill in the information. Each time you save the information you have written down, the system closes it like a fascinating paper. And you don’t have any save button at all. When you put down the pen and start writing, everything written down is wholly saved. So if you are taking notes in a hurry and closing the application is not a problem. All information has been saved for you to use next time.

Floaty for Sticky Notes mod apk

Adjust the order freely

Note order is not a thing for you to worry about in Floaty for Sticky Notes. Once they’ve turned into paper, you can move freely through the app space. So it’s up to you to put it where it’s easiest to follow. What if the number is too much and it is difficult to find the note you want? You will see a magnifying glass in the upper corner of the interface. Click it and type out what you’re looking for. All notes will be filtered, and only those with keywords will be left. It’s a way for you to search for messages when too many of them.

Floaty for Sticky Notes mod apk free

Settings for ease of use

Are you new to the base font of Floaty for Sticky Notes and want to change it? You want to change the color of the notes to make them easy to distinguish. No problem with Floaty for Sticky Notes. These functions are already available to make them easier to use. Scroll to the settings and change the familiar font you want. For sticky notes, changing the color will help you distinguish and search faster. Unfortunately, not everyone’s eyesight is the same. Therefore, it is necessary to change the font size so that everyone can use it.

Floaty for Sticky Notes mod free

Secure link

Indeed, this essential function makes Floaty for Sticky Notes special. Your notes will sync with Microsoft Cloud first. Gives you access to any Microsoft device to see your notes. It’s okay whether it’s on the phone, a tablet, or a laptop. Next are accounts like Hotmail, Live, and Office365. These are all accounts with a high level of security. Whatever you believe in, stick with it. Not too much, but at least a linked account to protect your notes information.

Floaty for Sticky Notes free

Enjoy unlimited notes while keeping your information safe with Floaty for Sticky Notes. The Floaty for Sticky Notes mod will surprise you if you do not know the optimal way to take notes more conveniently than a notebook and pen.

How to Download & Install Floaty for Sticky Notes MOD APK (Donate) for Android


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