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Updated 01/11/2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce MOD APK VIP Notes

If you want to keep the data in your notes secure, VIP Notes can help. This is an application that intelligently encodes your handwriting characters quickly. Making it impossible for intruders to carry out their intentions without permission. A solid security barrier that defies all the different threats. Bringing you confidence and convenience in the work you are doing. Care is never superfluous before things get in danger.

Our work is often done on touch devices in today’s modern society. But from here also comes the dangers that can ruin everything. Threaten your achievements if something terrible happens. With its capabilities, the development team of Ogroman developed the VIP Notes application. Allows you to encrypt all the note data that you have made before. Bringing security to all areas of work and everyday life.

VIP Notes mod

Download VIP Notes mod – Protect all the notes on the device

As always, put things you need to remember in your notes. Then open VIP Notes and select the files you just made. Select the encoding so that the application can make its necessary changes to the message. The ciphers will appear as AES-256, confusing the information. Then set up the security lock to be opened whenever under your control. All unauthorized people will not be able to open the file. They will only see meaningless code and cannot carry out their intentions. Your device is now the most secure base in the world.

VIP Notes mod free

Widely active

If your note has some attachments, do you think that’s a loophole? Not at all, because VIP Notes can read those files easily. From there, you can instantly encrypt these files with your notes. You can also view and edit files or photos within the app. Everything will be protected easily without any extra work. All types of attachments can be encrypted. There is no exception to any case, so you can rest assured to use it. You can unlock it when you read the note, and everything will be back to normal.

VIP Notes mod apk

Create a password

VIP Notes will offer various password setting options to suit your style. The first is the numeric password like on devices like iPhones or iPad. Depending on the type of digits you enter, its length can be any length. Next is unlocking according to the characters on the keyboard, similar to the laptop. This way, you can use capital letters, numbers, and any other symbol on the keyboard. It will be a lot more secure than using a numeric password. Then there is the overall pattern of unlocking by drawing. You will connect the points in any way you can remember. But if you want the fastest, you can use a fingerprint.

VIP Notes mod apk free

Data Protection

What happens if you enter the wrong password more than five times? You won’t believe it, but the data in that file will be erased quickly. But don’t worry because it’s only been removed temporarily. You can still get these files back by entering the correct password and opening the app. Then choose the data recovery section to bring back your deleted files. This method will help protect your information in the best way. It also tells you about threats that have just performed intrusive actions. From there, be more vigilant and have backup plans for yourself when needed.

VIP Notes mod android

Change the look

If you get bored constantly looking at the default interface, don’t worry. It can completely change in many new ways than you know. Go to the background color section and change to your favorite color in the palette. Blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, brown, or pink can all be substituted. Not only that, but you can also use other layouts to suit your preferences. There are many unique ways of organizing folders that you can explore here. Try anything new that VIP Notes can give you. Please upgrade to the full version for a perfect unlimited experience.

VIP Notes mod is a must-have application for those who use daily notes. Its features will protect you from possible harmful effects.

How to Download & Install VIP Notes APK for Android


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