KUBOOM 3D MOD APK (Unlocked Skins, Unlimited Ammo, Onehit) 7.53

Updated 20/03/2024 (2 months ago)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Skins, Unlimited Ammo, Onehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
  • V1: Unlocked costume
  • V2: Menu mod/Unlimited bullets, Onehit, Spam chat
  • V3 Menu

->Player Menu
Godmode [NEW]
No Recoil
Unlimited Ammo
Third Person (Enables On Respawn)
No Fall Damage
Add Kills // Adds Them To Stats
Dumb Bots
Godly Bots // 100% Better Than You
Spam Chat

->Movement Menu

->Player Options (Need ‘XI’ In Name) // Add XI In Your Name Then Restart Game
Mass Kill
Team Mode
Break Lobby (Doesn’t Work On Bots) // You Will Break Lobby , Can’t Be Fixed
Player Height
Players Size

->Spawn Menu
Select Team // None – No Ones Team , Red Team , Blue Team
Add Bots // Don’t Add Too Much You Will Lag
Remove Bots // To Fix Your Mistake Because You Didn’t Listen Above
Respawn Instantly

->Game Menu
Infinite Time // Unlimited Game For You
Remove Cap Players // Will Prevent Bots Being Removed
Remove Cap Score (TDM) // Won’t End Game

->Survival Menu
One Shot Kill
Godmode Truck
Freeze Zombies (Freezes Spawn Aswell)
Zombie’s Health
Zombie’s Damage
Zombie’s Speed

->Account Menu Menu
Unlock Costumes + Skins
Unlock Weapon Skins [NEW]
Preview Gun (Inf Ammo) // View A Gun You Will Use , You Will Get Unlimited Ammo On It

->Set Weapon Menu

->Misc Menu
Leave Game (You Win) // Helps When You Have Infinite Game
Bypass Device Ban // Clear App Data , Then Press When Loading


KUBOOM 3D MOD APK (Unlocked Skins, Unlimited Ammo, Onehit) is a game for you to fight intense gun battles with players around the world. Contrary to what you often see as the image of powerful warriors with a variety of weapons through realistic graphics. KUBOOM 3D is built on the Lego design, this can be considered a new type for the fighting shooter genre. Players have just fought in the battlefield with many excellent marksmen. But instead of the depiction of the scene adding to the drama of the game, it creates an extremely Cool feeling here. And that is also the reason why the game has millions of people in many countries participating. Play as the gunner you want and master the fate in this war.

Life and death are the two invisible boundaries of FPS titles like KUBOOM 3D APK mod. You can win, but if you fail, you may have to accept giving up your life. Everyone is equally capable, the key is being able to quickly find the right place. Safe location based on each specific case, you need to find out the place to avoid being attacked by enemies. Becoming the first to pioneer in every confrontation is both brave and intelligent.


Download KUBOOM 3D mod – Gun battle bloodthirsty gunner

With the shooting game modes that promise many dramatic things to give players the experience of a true warrior. From controlling many options to the side with many actions, besides, you have many different attacks. Those things have created a completely new KUBOOM 3D APK 7.53. Each player has the qualities to become the best gunman. Even though anyone may have to die on the battlefield, that doesn’t mean the end. You can start a new battle based on the experience learned from the previous level’s mistake. Just like that, the shooting level of KUBOOM 3D players is increasing. Meet gunmen on all fronts and show the difference in your shooting skills.

KUBOOM 3D mod download

The gunfight

Every clash in KUBOOM 3D MOD APK is a selected player fighting type. Team battles, death battles, and Boom are among the aforementioned options before entering each battle. Do you want to coordinate with your team members or fight with other opponents alone? KUBOOM 3D is very diversified in attack modes for players to experience and improve their ability to become an immortal warrior. This may seem a bit difficult for all players but does not mean impossible.

20+ different maps

Docks, warehouses, buildings, and forests are a few of the locations players can choose freely in every gun battle. Each place is very carefully designed from the smallest details. KUBOOM 3D not only creates survival wars, the publisher also pays great attention to graphic design. Players will feel less bored when participating in a variety of map systems. Every time you fight on a new map, you will have to get used to the layout to complete your game screen. Of course, memorizing is also very easy, just focusing on the game screen you will remember all the areas in each map.

KUBOOM 3D mod apk

50+ weapons and customizations

A large number of weapons is not just for the purpose of selection. The variety of weapons systems help players find their superior abilities. There are people who will suit rifles but others who will be able to use pistols. Choose the gun and weapon you want in KUBOOM 3D to complete the battles in the best way. In addition, changing the appearance of weapons with Skins also makes you have a newer image. In addition, some other equipment for weapons such as silencers, lasers … you can add in in case of need.

Change of character

Each gunman can choose costumes with different types of clothes. Still, the same character but the player can change to make it easier to distinguish while the battle is going on. Build a personality full of personality with a youthful style that matches the dynamics of each gunner. Combine outfits to highlight the character you are controlling.

KUBOOM 3D mod android

KUBOOM 3D with a continuous gunfight happening, not only that but destructive bombs also frequently appear here. Players can start a combat shooting mode to protect themselves and their teammates. Conquer every gun challenge and get great rewards. Downloading KUBOOM 3D mod with a diverse shooting mode with Lego graphics is sure to make you excited.

How to Download & Install KUBOOM 3D MOD APK (Unlocked Skins, Unlimited Ammo, Onehit) for Android


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1 year ago

What is this nothing is unlocked guess I wasted data to download for what I didn’t want I just buy the guns my self

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