Archery Bastions MOD APK 0.2.63 (Big Reward)

Posted 3 weeks ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameArchery Bastions APK
MOD FeaturesBig Reward
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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You will get great rewards when you complete the level.

The bow is a dangerous and effective weapon for you to use in Archery Bastions. Use a flexible way to counter your opponents, surprisingly. Thanks to that, he built his empire with excellent fighting power. Capture and destroy all the most giant enemy fortresses later. Overcoming wars with enormous casualties and cruelty. Open up the opportunity to make the whole continent terrified at the mention of your name. Let the archers do their thing and bring glory to the leader like you.

A stickman turn-based archery game but on a whole new level. Dynamic 3D visuals and motion are what’s created in Archery Bastions. All will elevate the war to the highest and most vital level. This creates an attraction that you cannot ignore. The more I play, the more I like it, and I can conquer more things than I imagined. So get ready for the legendary conquests you’re about to organize. That might be your chance to show your love for battle in the most optimal way.

Archery Bastions mod

Download Archery Bastions mod – Destroy enemies with arrows

Not only an archer, but now you will own a large army. They are ready to act at your command with their weapons in hand. This army will confront the enemy with a force organization that cannot be more dangerous. Just hit and destroy as many forces as possible in one turn. Don’t give the enemy a chance to return fire with your whole strength, or you will lose your advantage. Increasing the number is the essential choice to increase the win rate. Even if the enemy is outnumbered, but your skill is higher, there is still a chance to defeat them. Victory depends a lot on how you deploy your forces.

Various arrows

Equip your troops with new arrows that will maximize damage efficiency. Let’s go to the store, which gives us many options to make a good change. They are classified according to their strength, from low to high. That proves that the more expensive the arrows, the more fighting power they have. Each of these arrows has a unique ability that you need to discover. They can explode, clone, or slow your enemies. Instead, use new arrows combined with precise aiming to bring fear to your opponents. Victory is firmly in your hands as your enemies sit and wait for fate to arrange.

Archery Bastions mod free

Upgrading the fortress

Upgrading the fortress means that the soldiers are also elevated in number. New parts of the defense are added after being buffed up. These new sections help soldiers fend off some surprise attacks. The many different positions created will give you a significant advantage in terms of numbers. From there, it is possible to overwhelm enemies with fewer numbers and quickly destroy them. But the number will also need to combine with accurate arrow shots from you. If you miss, you will probably have to pay a pretty heavy price no matter how strong you are. Hone skills to evolve to even more advanced combat levels.


Archery Bastions mod apk


Players can completely arrange the positions of the fortress at their discretion to optimize the strategy. The wall and floor sections can be placed in different parts easily. These positions can affect how enemies can attack us. The most important thing is to avoid as much damage as possible. We will find for ourselves the best things so that Archery Bastions mod is no longer complex.

Download Archery Bastions MOD APK (Big Reward) for Android

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