Bombastic Brothers MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) 1.5.55

Updated 07/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameBombastic Brothers APK B.V.
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Bombastic Brothers

It’s rare for a 2D scene game that still retains its charm and interest until now. But surely one of them will have Bombastic Brothers. Along with the brothers on the giant battleship appeared and blew away all the aliens. Since its launch, it has been appreciated for its exciting gameplay and addictive graphics. The captain and crew of the giant ship are ready for battle, with all-powerful weapons in hand and a team of genius warriors. Witness the general attack between humans and aliens.

As a simple 2D scene game, but Bombastic Brothers has built its own position. In addition to the reason that the graphics have been improved and outperformed other 2D games a lot. We also have a fascinating design of levels and backgrounds. You will be the driver of all members on the giant ship. The captain of that ship will be in charge of fighting and managing the crew. All members are talented warriors. Join the never-ending battle with the aliens to drive them out of the earth.

Bombastic Brothers mod

Download Bombastic Brothers mod – Fight the troublesome alien bugs

The war began when the world heard that there are many species of space bugs invading the earth’s surface. Now they are everywhere and take over wherever they go. Players will take on the role of the ultimate commander. Lead a non-national task force that possesses a lot of modern weapons. Their mission and mission is to fight and prevent the development of space bugs. To do this much takes a lot of experience and strength. Therefore, the members on board are all experienced warriors. All have their own unique weapons to fight the enemy.

Bombastic Brothers will include a lot of different big and small battles. Each battle requires you to complete certain tasks. Most of them will be to kill all the alien bugs in a certain area. In each battle, you will only be able to bring a single warrior. They will fight from the beginning until they win. Each level has a certain time limit. If the time runs out before you can complete the quest, then you have failed. That notices that you need to upgrade your power.

Bombastic Brothers mod apk

Manage the giant ship

The huge ship was the base of all the members of the fighting organization. It is a place where everyone can upgrade their strength and practice daily. For that reason, you need to upgrade and expand to have more and more different rooms. Each room has functions such as upgrading warriors, crafting weapons, managing resources, or mission systems… There is also a special place for you to summon new warriors. This ship will be the place you have to return to after any battle. Take care and upgrade so that the warriors have full strength for the next many campaigns.

Bombastic Brothers mod free

Collect powerful warriors

Each warrior has their own role in the battles. However, you can only bring in one warrior per battle. But that doesn’t mean that warriors will be weak against space bugs. It can be mentioned Jeff, the captain of the giant ship. He acts as the main damage dealer in battles. Some people will take on positions that create an advantage for teammates, prevent damage from enemies or even melee fighters. They all have an important role and a special upgrade system. Collect resources and money to upgrade them to be as powerful as possible.

Bombastic Brothers free

Overcoming challenges of modes

In addition to the default mode of fighting the enemy, we still have many other modes to play with friends. The remaining modes will mostly be online, and you can meet many other players. For example, in PvP mode, each person will choose their strongest warrior. Then we will be summoned to an arena with only 2 people. So a chaotic battle will break out until one side wins. Promising to be the most balanced battle between two strange players. You can make friends and interact with many other players. Even team up and fight alien monsters.

Bombastic Brothers mod apk free

With the giant spaceship floating everywhere, but will definitely stop wherever there is chaos. The warrior squad is always ready to fight any enemy to protect the safety of the Earth. Download Bombastic Brothers mod now to join the warriors on the battlefield. Destroy giant space bugs and bring back glorious feats.

How to Download & Install Bombastic Brothers MOD APK (Dumb Enemy) for Android


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