Bloody Bastards MOD APK (Unlimited money/Frozen enemy) 3.2.8

Updated on 08/02/2023 (21 hours ago)
NameBloody Bastards APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Frozen enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Bloody Bastards MOD APK Infomation

Works on Rooted device using Lucky Patcher

3D combat experience always makes players admire because of their attractive movements. However, 2D fighting games still do well and attract specific attention, including Bloody Bastards. In this game with faded colors, you will have to fight with your brothers. You consider them to be superiors when you have pushed your life to the end. And the journey of revenge against family members officially begins. Bring a lot of hatred and a variety of fighting skills. You will destroy all your brothers so that you can complete the glorious work of revenge.

Bringing the medieval setting with primitive and straightforward weapons such as swords, bows, spears… We play the role of a middle-aged man who is on his way to avenge his brothers. So you can’t go without carrying something. It is you who will equip him with the most modern weapons. Aim for hand-to-hand combat against each family bastard. Matches tend to be one-on-one, so they depend on skill a lot. What I mean here are the combat skills of the player – that is you.

Bloody Bastards mod

Download Bloody Bastards mod – The battle between family members

The combination of 2D motion and pixel graphics is what makes Bloody Bastards so appealing to players. You will control the main character with virtual keys on the screen. Join the matches with your brothers. It is impossible not to carry many weapons to protect yourself and create the initiative. This will be a long journey for you. Not only taking revenge on family members but also having to kill them with your own hands. Show off your medieval combat skills in an impressive way. You can stab, slash, kick, and dodge or block enemy damage.

Combine many moves to create combos that make the opponent unable to react. Be careful because you may have to deal with crazy enemies. They are very aggressive and almost match the name of this game – Bloody Bastards. Even though you are the same person, you are the main character. So you must survive to complete your revenge work. That’s why you have to fight all the brothers in the family.

Bloody Bastards mod apk

Choice of skins and weapons

The battlefield will be very chaotic and full of surprises, so you need to equip weapons and armor if you want to survive. The design system allows you to change the character’s costumes and weapons. Of course, you need a certain amount of gold in the game to unlock it. They are earned from your many victories in matches. You can equip swords, axes, double knives, and armor with impressive power with that money. Change your outfit to different themes such as mercenaries, blacksmiths, and hunters… You can even change your gender. Join the matches with many other attractive looks.

Bloody Bastards mod free

Upgrade your strength

When you pass many different levels, you can level up to strengthen your character. Classes will increase stats such as health, damage, agility, dodge… These stats are small, but when you level up, they’ll be huge. Indeed the higher leveled people could have an advantage over the lower level ones. Significantly, there will be changes in appearance as you level up. You can be given a lot of weapons and effective armor. Make you strong now, even more vital. Show your level and strength to be able to avenge your family.

Bloody Bastards mod apk free

Many attractive modes

Not only one, but Bloody Bastards also has three game modes with different game rules. We will go through each game mode one by one. The first and perhaps most famous is the Survival mode. The place puts you in a situation where you have to survive against many enemies. Wherever you fall, that’s your record. This stimulates you to break more and more documents. The second mode is Doomfield Keep. Defend your position from all enemies on multiple levels. Finally, the Online way will let you meet real opponents worthy of you. This is the most challenging mode you have to conquer.

Bloody Bastards free

That’s all I can tell you about Bloody Bastards. This is the journey of a man who wants to avenge all of his family brothers, and that is why the element of blood and killing is pushed to the forefront. It would help if you considered playing this game with people of the right age. Together, destroy the bastards to be able to conquer the Bloody Bastards mod.

Download Bloody Bastards MOD APK (Unlimited money/Frozen enemy) for Android

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