Rumi Defence MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) 3.17.0

Updated 28/09/2023 (8 months ago)
NameRumi Defence APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Rumi Defence

Rumi Defense is a tower defense game set in the remote Rumi tribe. Perspectives unfold before the barracks of these blue aborigines. Instead of attacking from the front, the youkai fell from the air, causing the natives to lose their way. They are structured like spherical stones that fail and can bounce up. Inside the ramparts are the huts and villages of the people. There was a ladder made of tree trunks that led to the Clan wall. In the castle, only you play the role of aboriginal hero standing in front of the tribe and trying to protect your people.

You play as a super cute hero named Ruki of the Rumi tribe. This tribe is living a peaceful life on the green steppe. Then suddenly appeared the magic spheres created by the shaman Shaka. They were sent here with the power to destroy the inherent peace of this place. With the number of powerful heroes. Each of Rumi’s heroes is equipped with different weapons. When the giant rocks fall, the heroes’ weapons will fly wherever they reach. Quickly dodge when the youkai touch the ground. Because every time they hit you, 50 health will be deducted.

Rumi Defence mod

Download Rumi Defense mod – Defend the green grasslands of the Rumi tribe

The war takes place in four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. But the stronghold still has your defensive support. At first you are just a small spirit, provided with a sharpened wooden bow. They also think that with only a small character, it will be easy to capture. The goblins that were sent were just small spirits, they attacked lightly. Thanks to that, you can pass many simple levels in the first. But don’t be too complacent and condescending. Difficulties are still lurking behind giant demons. They emitted beams of light like laser lightning that scattered everywhere, destroying all directions.

Rumi Defence mod apk

Many heroes

This tribe has many brave aborigines, all of whom have a desire to fight in battle. The opening will be a character named Ruki with hidden abilities that no enemy can predict. After you have accumulated gold coins and lightning, unlock the next characters. Rupi with her sharp eye shoots a bolt of electricity that deals damage to enemies. Raks’ speed will make them amazed. There’s also Reya’s powerful crossbow that will smash each of them one by one. There’s also Rictos with a super-strong sheath skin unaffected by enemy attacks. Use the heroes on the right level to let them unleash their full potential.

Rumi Defence apk

Various challenges

The mission requirements are smoothly integrated into the levels by Rumi Defense. There are levels where there are countless rock balls bouncing up and down. Most of them are green and blue, with red eyes and noses. Every time you hit an arrow, they will have their health deducted and drop to gold coins. Shooting a layer they will split into smaller and weaker halves. There are also giant bosses. The purple boss is shaped like a spider. It shoots out 5 yellow sparks and drops of flame continuously. And the dark blue boss creates a rain of poison balls. Where they fall, that place evaporates and is destroyed immediately.

Rumi Defence apk free

Skill upgrade

The normal skills of the Rumi heroes to subjugate minor demons were not a problem. But when encountering giant bosses. These weapons can hardly make them swoon and affect them at all. That’s why Rumi Defense has provided support keys. Enhance your hero’s strength through weapon upgrades and support purchases. There is a card to increase health and health, a card that helps to fire three bullets once, a higher chance of killing in one shot, a higher chance of hitting a critical spot. There are also limited support keys that only appear on special events. Passing the test there is no limit to the hero’s strength.

Rumi Defence android

In Rumi Defense there is a tower called Infinite Tower. This place is like an achievement castle, containing the names of heroic characters. Whoever can make the name appear in this tower will make everyone’s eyes burst with envy. With 12 attack levels of youkai. Just pass these 12 levels, your fighting ability has significantly increased. Equip fancy clothes and skins for heroes to become brave. Download Rumi Defense mod to confront the stone monsters of the evil Shaka magician.

How to Download & Install Rumi Defence MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android


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