Knight War: Idle Defense Pro MOD APK (Unlimited money/High HP) 1.1.9

Updated 12/02/2022 (2 years ago)
NameKnight War: Idle Defense Pro APK
PublisherCriss Cross Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/High HP
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Knight War: Idle Defense Pro MOD APK Information

1. MAX ATK Range
2. High HP
3. Unlimited Gold
4. Unlimited Diamonds

Introduce Knight War: Idle Defense Pro MOD APK

Although you can hardly be a hero in real life, in Knight War: Idle Defense Pro, you can. Takes you into an adventure world full of magic and mystical powers. Choose your talented companions and start your adventure. Get bored with hundreds of the most fearsome monsters and enemies. Defeat them all and bring peace to all the gentle citizens. Always look for new limits to what you can achieve.

Combining elements of action and adventure is what Knight War: Idle Defense Pro can do. Make a big difference with other games on the market today. With beautiful graphic design and high-quality sound, players will have a good experience. A world was full of heroes built with mythical style. Satisfies anyone who indulges in fantasy adventures. Pick up your weapons and show off your abilities.

Knight War Idle Defense Pro mod

Download Knight War: Idle Defense Pro mod – Defeat all enemies and defend firmly

After living in peace for a while, your kingdom is in danger of being invaded again. The first thing is to summon heroes from everywhere to help. They will help you by fighting and defending on the city walls. The main enemies are creatures from the darkness resurrected. These people will automatically fight whenever an enemy appears. Each time someone falls, you will receive a well-deserved reward. The more you kill, the faster you become rich. No need to control anything. Just control the levelling up.

Even if you have left the game, the heroes will still fight non-stop. Helps you ensure your income is happening continuously. You can both spend time on other things and become stronger. Bringing the true meaning of an entertaining game to you.

Knight War Idle Defense Pro mod free

Unlock new heroes

Only by combining multiple sources of power can you defeat your enemies. So it would be best if you found as many powerful heroes as ever from the hero to bring in a particular fighting style. They can be knights, wizards, archers or cursed gladiators. The more remarkable, the more stars, the greater their power. Their appearance will also change a lot, becoming more courageous. Heroes can be increased by consuming the resources they have. But only when you reach the required maximum level can evolution be performed.

Collect equipment

The more the stars, the more numerous and more substantial the enemy’s forces are than before. To withstand the enemy, you need to equip the hero with a new weapon. But it should be known that each hero will use the weapon corresponding to their profession. For example, a knight uses a sword, a sniper uses a bow, or a magician uses a staff. The equipment’s power is also divided according to the rarity they possess. The higher the monster, the more power the bonus is increased gradually. But rare items have a relatively low collection rate and can only be found in mysterious chests. You can use your gold to open these chests.

Knight War Idle Defense Pro mod apk

Summon allies

To support their warriors, it is indispensable for allies to accompany them. They are like soldiers under the authority of heroes. A smaller and slightly less powerful version of our warriors. Each hero will be able to summon up to two supporters. You can upgrade allies and increase their stars to improve their strength. However, upgrading partners will also have a specific failure rate. You can use gems as required to make it 100% successful. The levels will get harder and harder to win, so be careful. You have plenty of time to strengthen your forces.

Knight War Idle Defense Pro mod apk free

Epic Battle

You don’t just need to complete the required number of levels on the way to victory. There will be basic levels to decide whether to proceed or not. These wars will feature the most powerful commanders. They are huge and have an insane amount of HP. If you can’t defeat them in time, all your efforts will be lost with just one hit. But nothing is impossible if you can take advantage of the heroes’ strengths. Knight War: Idle Defense Pro mod always gives you legendary battles with infinite fury.

How to Download & Install Knight War: Idle Defense Pro MOD APK (Unlimited money/High HP) for Android

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2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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