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Updated 04/04/2023 (11 months ago)
NameShoot Squad APK
PublisherColor Blind Game
MOD FeaturesMenu/God/Unlimited ammo
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Introduce MOD APK Shoot Squad

Shoot Squad is an aerial shooting video game that gives you a classic feel. A third-person shooter game where you are fighting to protect your base. Back to childhood with the tank models of 1988. There are also massive combat helicopters flying in the vast sky. Players join the nation’s crime-fighting squad. Sacrifice your best to protect the sanctity and territory of your country. This squad participated in the fierce Second World War. Gather the best gunmen in the country to join this squad to increase the winning rate.

Take advantage of all the weapons you are provided with, along with the tank system and battleship;… You need to defeat all the enemies that appear on the battlefield to complete the mission. From there, get bonuses are gold coins and red diamonds. In addition, being a level game, the player must progressively complete the tasks. In addition, when the player completes the assignment with specific requirements, the number of stars will correspond. Such as within the specified time or only costing a certain amount of HP. Accumulate the rewards received to invest in a longer-term activity, such as military training later.

Shoot Squad android

Download Shoot Squad mod – Join the warrior squad to protect the base and territory.

The mechanics of the shooter game from a top-down perspective. From there, you can monitor the battlefield from a wide angle. Constantly switch strategies and battle areas so that the enemy can’t react. Use the game’s idle control system. The shirt key system controls the tank and soldiers move. Only close to enemies within your or your tank’s attack range. The guns naturally fire, and you quickly get the reward. Some obstacles make it difficult for you to destroy the enemy on the way. The battle area is cleverly arranged to increase the game screen’s difficulty and excitement.

Shoot Squad apk

Explore the world

The main interface of the game shows a map with six main continents. Each continent corresponds to a location with different requirements and characteristics. Within each continent, there are more minor levels. Players can explore each group according to the path the game provides. As mentioned, if you complete the requirements, you can get stars for each group. Only when the player fulfils the quota is a certain number of stars out of the total number of stars. Only then can players unlock the next continent to explore. From dense forests to rugged rocky beaches, dark dungeons await you ahead.

Shoot Squad mod apk

Kill all enemies

The gangsters or armies of other countries intend to invade your territory. You must quickly destroy all of them to avoid affecting the area. The battle area has a horizontal bar with an enemy face icon above it. Until this red flat bar decreases to the end, it means you have won. If it’s not over, it means enemies are still lurking around. You must find them quickly and destroy them as soon as possible to save battle time. Enemies have guns, so players need to be careful with these objects.

Guns and bombs

Possess a diverse collection of guns, along with the participation of tanks and combat helicopters. Pistols, rifles, machine guns, laser guns, … Tanks launch bombs with greater destructive power. In addition, the helicopters will fly to the location of the enemy you request. Then drop the rockets that cause the place to explode, and also when players participate in combat without tanks or helicopters. There are also support balls, but the quantity is limited, and you need to consider this when using them. Select the area you want to bomb and click the moss green bomb icon on the screen.

Besides the tasks of each level, the game also provides side quests. Here is the daily quest board to complete and get extra rewards. The number of these rewards is not as many and varied as the rewards of the main screen. But they are also very diverse and helpful when providing purple diamonds. These diamonds can buy rare guns with solid stats. It is also possible to upgrade these guns to enhance more powerful stats. Download Shoot Squad mod to control the plane and directly drop bombs on the enemy’s area to attack in large numbers.

How to Download & Install Shoot Squad MOD APK (Menu/God/Unlimited ammo) for Android


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