Hang Line MOD APK 1.8.7 (Unlocked all, Unlimited Gold)

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NameHang Line APK
PublisherYodo1 Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all, Unlimited Gold
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Climb into the helicopter to start the journey to rescue people in the game Hang Line. You are a person who has a passion for conquering mountains, and you have fulfilled your dream. Now you have a new quest that is reserved for only one of the professional climbers. It is walking around different mountains and rescuing people trapped in them. Many people want to conquer the peaks like you, but they are dreamers. The journey of those people is very smooth until they encounter obstacles you also do not want to meet. Now they are trapped in that high place, and the task of rescuing everyone is yours.

Some people’s climbs had to be stopped because they were stuck at the top of the mountain. You are a skilled climber, and the task of rescuing everyone is entrusted to you. Prove your heroic mission since birth by saving people. A person not afraid of danger like you will be ready to go up any mountain to rescue. Each person stuck on it will be brought down by yourself as safe as possible. Using the hooks, climb onto the plane so that you can navigate to where someone needs help. Overcome mountain creatures like lions or goats to complete the rescue mission.

Hang Line android

Download Hang Line mod – Become a lifeguard in the mountains

Your climbing journey only begins when you have entirely conquered every mountain. But a good climber is willing to take on mountain-related tasks. Your chance to prove your bravery and talent against the hills has come with a new mission. On the mountains you climb, some climbers are already stuck up there. Now you have to face heights and ferocious jungle beasts to be able to save them. One small mistake can cost you and the people you save lives. Be responsible to the climbers you must rescue and your own life.

Hang Line free

Rescue mission

The straightforward task of saving people cannot be done by helicopter but must be performed by someone. You are a skilled climber and have become a lifeguard in this game. You will bring a climbing hook and a fear rope to accomplish your task. Helicopters will help you get closer to the mountain to shorten the rescue time. But you will face other challenges and must quickly rescue everyone. Go through the ice to find where people are trapped and make a rescue. Use your lifeline to give the trapped people and call the helicopter to pull them up and complete the mission.

Hang Line mod apk

The danger in the high mountains

A harsh mountain will not be peaceful, but you will face challenges. Ignoring the inherent difficulties of finding the trapped person, you have to face another challenge. The wild animals that appear on your rescue journey will slow you down. Once you enter the lion’s territory, you will be prey to be chased by them. They attack and can cause you to make unnecessary mistakes and possibly lose your life. The unstable conditions of each mountain can also cause rocks or ice to collapse. Overcome dangers posed by creatures and mountain conditions to attempt to rescue trapped people successfully.

Hang Line apk

The craggy mountains

You’ve conquered the mountains with talent, and now it’s easier with helicopters. But this only serves the purpose of rescuing those trapped in those mountains. The dozens of mountains you’ve climbed are now being conquered by you, but with a different goal. So many people are trapped, and you must find them to do the rescue mission. Each mountain will have a separate task in addition to you having to save the trapped people successfully. This was also a new challenge when your goal was to climb to the top in the past. So go on a mission to climb the craggy peaks to find the trapped climbers and rescue them.

Hang Line mod

You have become a skilled climber conquering all the craggy mountains. The passion has been satisfied, and now it’s time to dedicate your talents to the task. There are countless climbers stuck in the mountains that you have successfully conquered. The news has arrived, and the mission is set to rescue people with your talents. Grab the climbing hook and carry the lifeline up the helicopter to the mountain. Overcome the dangers of the mountains and the creatures’ attacks on them. Download Hang Line mod to play as a lifeguard on the hill and successfully rescue everyone.

Download Hang Line MOD APK (Unlocked all, Unlimited Gold) for Android

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