DEAD Zombie Shooter MOD APK 1.0.1 (God mode, Unlimited cash)

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NameDEAD Zombie Shooter APK
PublisherHyper Casual Fungames
MOD FeaturesGod mode, Unlimited cash
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Go into a crowd of evil zombies and try to survive them in DEAD Zombie Shooter. Humans have become zombies due to mutating by a zombie virus. The rest of us joined the movement against the zombie pandemic. It would be best to stand up for your survival and everyone else’s onslaught. You will need to protect yourself and other survivors in all combat situations. The surrounding areas will need to be swept before you move to a new place. Play as a zombie hunter and proceed to destroy them all to stay alive and save the world.

The zombies now seem to have turned the earth into a hell-like place. The number of zombies in this world is increasing due to dangerous viruses, and you must make a choice. That is fighting against a horde of hideous zombies with weapons in hand. Choose a mission to save the earth with characters and fight with your style. Destroy all the undead in your way and eliminate the existence of the deadly virus. The truth about this declining world needs to be approached and discovered by all. Join the journey to save yourself and everyone from protecting the earth’s existence.

DEAD Zombie Shooter android

Download DEAD Zombie Shooter mod – Bring survival to the earth

Coming towards you is a wave of undead from all over the world. Your disregard for the undead will probably make you regret it because they are dangerous. Get your hands on the guns and kill all the zombies before they can reach you. Protect everyone and avoid the loss of those alive on earth like you. Rush towards the zombies and use the bullets from the weapon to take them down. Explore each terrain around the world where zombies congregate on different levels. Complete the mission of the game and get close to the goal of finding the survival of the earth.

DEAD Zombie Shooter apk

Saving lives

Humans on earth are now almost entirely mutated by a dangerous virus. Their form is now none other than those of cruel zombies that move around. Their consciousness has been corrupted, and they want to destroy everything. Life on earth is now fragile under the destruction of the undead. The responsibility to stop the zombie wave is now yours, a survivor of the pandemic. You must stand up against the ferocity of zombies and eliminate them as quickly as possible. Proceed to open the arsenal and equip everything necessary for the journey to save life on earth.

DEAD Zombie Shooter free

Challenge to kill zombies

In a world where zombies move everywhere, you will not be able to predict anything. You only know that their appearance comes from a dangerous virus. The abilities of these zombies are still a mystery; you will discover them with guns. You don’t have to hunt them down because your appearance lures them out. The zombies seem sick, but you won’t be able to kill them with just a few bullets. Instead, try to confront the undead with weapons in your hand and destroy as many of them as you can. Then, kill them and complete the challenge to remove the zombies from the world you inhabit entirely.

DEAD Zombie Shooter mod apk

Weapons to destroy the undead

An arsenal of weapons will make your zombie-killing journey easier. There are dozens of equipment that can accompany you throughout your process of bringing peace. The armory is where you find items that deal massive damage once you’re surrounded. Or you can use sniper weapons to take down zombies in the journey. They are potent types that help you defend against the sweeping zombies towards you. The stage when zombies are advancing rapidly is also the time when your pressure against them is even greater. Use useful weapons to help open a way out of these monstrous zombies.

DEAD Zombie Shooter mod

A world is now no longer green but only dead in every corner. The source of everything is the zombies from humans turned into a mutated virus. Death is not terrifying but turning into a creature that only knows how to destroy. Everything becomes weak and defenseless against the wave of zombies around the world. Life on earth still exists because that hope is in your hands. Before their onslaught, you need to respond before they make it too late. Download DEAD Zombie Shooter mod to enter the arsenal and wield them against the undead.

Download DEAD Zombie Shooter MOD APK (God mode, Unlimited cash) for Android

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