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Updated 20/02/2024 (5 months ago)
NameDevil Fighter Dragon X APK
PublisherPalladin Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Devil Fighter Dragon X

Devil Fighter Dragon X is an action game modeled after the hit Dragon Ball series. This is a genre of aggressive fantasy action. Where you are satisfied dueling with other opponents in the ring, lead your mighty army through the gates quickly. Because it is set in the famous manga title, Devil Fighter Dragon X attracts many players. Not only are you passionate about fighting games, but you are also fans of this series of stories. Explore dramatic arenas of fame. Build and claim your heroic value in the international arena.

Because of the structure that follows the story, Devil Fighter Dragon X has brought all the heroic characters in this into the game. Although it is an entirely new setting, the goal of the heroes remains the same. They still fight each other for the dragon balls that bring power. You will lead your army to eliminate the arena by fighting different opponents. The air was filled with ferocity and death. The loser will have to get out of the ring. Hit until the enemy’s bloodline is exhausted, and you can leisurely hold the victory in your hand. But each side also has specific strengths. Must think carefully.

Devil Fighter Dragon X mod apk

Download Devil Fighter Dragon X mod – Transform into warriors in 7 dragon balls to fight each other and win the right to life and death.

Confused about choosing one of the five main characters of the Devil Fighter Dragon X game line. Each one has its strengths and advantages. Cleverly combine techniques to launch powerful counterattacks. Since each side has a certain amount of self-respect, they will fight each other fiercely. The war was pushed to the climax and fierce. The health bars on both sides are displayed at the top of the screen. Besides reducing the enemy’s health column, you must also ensure your safety. Arrange battle members in logical order. Strong teammates can be brought to the forefront as the battle vanguard.

More than 22 levels of transformation

Every battle is brutal. Everyone is training themselves to be the strongest. You also cannot stand in one place forever but raise yourself regularly with more than 22 levels of transformation into higher level ground. Each time you upgrade, the player will be restored to the old strength plus a new ability. Like that, each member is upgraded to a maximum level of 22. Then you have owned the most powerful army in the game. Make sure you meet any arena, boss, and can smoothly gain victory. Combine elements of upgrading and training through battles, building your empire.

Devil Fighter Dragon X android

Ability system

Because it is a fighting game, each character will have a specific ability system. Victory in Devil Fighter Dragon X not only depends on the player’s ability to lead but also on the skills of each person on the team. With an army of many members, you should choose characters with different skills. These skills complement each other in battle, the better. In addition, Devil Fighter Dragon X also has privileges for the strongest. They will possess rare skills with destructive power and epic performance. The side that has these characters will have a higher chance of winning. Each member is a vital link to the team.

Devil Fighter Dragon X apk

Fight with powerful opponents.

Because it is also dealing with an army of other characters, they also possess personalities with different skills. You can look at nature to guess some basic skills. But you absolutely cannot judge the level and ability of each person. The diversity of skills and abilities of a leader will make you unpredictable what happens next. It has been said that the layer of clouds meets the wind of that layer. The higher the level, the more powerful new faces you will face. It is also quite challenging to drain the opponent’s health. Follow the system and destroy the enemy step by step.

Devil Fighter Dragon X mod

In addition to the power design, Devil Fighter Dragon X brings items to support the fight. The unique thing is that the senzu magic bean helps to restore energy, increase strength, and protective barrier,…But only a certain amount and time. Win a lot to get gold coins and support items. Join the game every day to receive regular rewards. A dignified leader knows how to use people. Use members who can support and help each other in difficult times. Download Devil Fighter Dragon X mod and build your army of heroes.

How to Download & Install Devil Fighter Dragon X MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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