King of Defense 2: Epic TD MOD APK 1.0.44 (Unlimited money, unlocked)

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NameKing of Defense 2: Epic TD APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Gems
2. Unlimited Crystals
3. Unlimited Badges
4. Paid Heroes Unlocked
5. All Towers Unlocked

The territory is always an essential thing for the army to ensure the safety of its forces. But for absolute security, you need to defend with King of Defense 2: Epic TD. Here, you will own an army with warriors with terrible strength. Ready to face any invasion from outside enemies. Please do not allow them to destroy or carry out conspiracies in their territory. The only strategy that will help you successfully defend your base.

King of Defense 2: Epic TD was born as the sequel to King of Defense: Battle Frontier. Here we will have a lot of beautiful changes waiting for players. The new heroes are stronger with terrible fighting abilities. More dangerous enemies are trained to wreak havoc on everything in their path. You will have to do your best to ensure the safety of your fortress.

King of Defense 2 Epic Tower Defense mod android

Download King of Defense: Battle Frontier mod – Defeat all invading armies

In general, the gameplay of King of Defense 2: Epic TD is no different from its predecessor. The task will still be to defeat the enemy in the attacks they have arranged in advance. You will place your units around the path they will inevitably pass. Your troops will automatically block anyone who tries to break through this defense. The attacks will be split in waves with the number of enemies increased. At the same time, in the following waves, they will also become more vital to create more difficulties. Try to stay strong using all your troops have.

During the battle, you can completely change the current position of the units. This is to ensure the safety of actual units for significant fighting. If the main force is not destroyed, it means that your troops have more chances to win. Please don’t ignore these essential tips because they can help you immensely.

King of Defense 2 Epic Tower Defense mod apk

Many unique units

Coming to King of Defense 2: Epic TD, you will see many troops. All will be divided into two different categories: soldiers and guard towers. Soldiers can be gunners, knights, mages, or other ranged or melee combat types. As for the defensive towers, they will also have a lot of options for you. They can attack directly like cannonballs or cause adverse effects. Because of their effectiveness, these towers also require large amounts of money to summon. Make a reasonable calculation to combine these two types of units in the upcoming wars. Bring the highest efficiency and create a solid defense.

Upgrade your tower

Did you know that towers can be upgraded to increase their strength? Each tower type has a different evolutionary shape for you to explore. They will have three different levels corresponding to three stars representing strength. At each level of evolution, you will see the tower’s appearance almost wholly change. The stats after upgrading each building will also be significantly increased. However, each upgrade will also require you to use a certain amount of resources. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare everything properly to strengthen its army.

King of Defense 2 Epic Tower Defense mod free

Combine towers

It’s doable. This feature allows you to blend two towers to form a new building. You can refer to the available combination formula table to visualize this easily. However, you must meet the requirements such as level or ability to do this. Feel free to create as many unique strategies as possible from these powerful towers. The power of each combined building will make you extremely surprised. Easily crush any legion of enemies trying to attack the place you are defending.

King of Defense 2 Epic Tower Defense mod

Various game screens

When playing King of Defense 2: Epic TD, you will be surprised by its constant change. Specifically, the game screens will be designed in entirely different ways. From the arrangement of the routes to the difficulty, they can bring with each level. You will never be able to predict what you may be facing. It would be best to calculate how your strategy becomes the most effective for the current map types. Hundreds of challenges with horrors from enemies are waiting for you in King of Defense 2: Epic TD mod.

Download King of Defense 2: Epic TD MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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