Towerlands MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.18

Updated 16/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameTowerlands APK
PublisherBlack Bears
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Towerlands

When there is a threat, we will often have to protect ourselves by all means. The same will be confirmed when you try to protect what belongs to you in the Towerlands. Build an army with tremendous fighting power. Defend and block the most dangerous attacks from the enemy. Please bring them to a standstill and create the perfect opportunity to counterattack. Not afraid of any difficulties to reach the top of glory.

Defensive strategy games always require players to have skills in handling situations. With that comes the patience it takes to get to your advantage. Towerlands is the same, and it also requires you to learn and use thinking. Lots of miscellaneous items and unique playstyles. Create brutal wars in medieval fantasy style. Do your part well to find the strengths that need to be promoted.

Towerlands mod

Download Towerlands mod – Fight to protect your homeland

You will be in the role of a lord living in a fortified castle with many military potentials. Your only task is to protect it from attacks. Take over and dominate new lands with lots of possibilities to exploit. Just touch and summon your soldiers to fight. Fight until your troops gain the advantage and can counterattack and destroy the enemy fortress. It sounds simple, but it is a complicated process. You need to have a reasonable calculation of the number of resources obtained and summon troops. Do not play blindly, or you will pay a hefty price.

Towerlands mod free

A terrifying wave of enemies

Your enemies come from other countries with the ambition to capture your entire fortress. To accomplish this goal, they will form highly aggressive units. There are soldiers with breakneck and intense attack speed, and some of them are huge and very difficult to destroy. Along with that, there are special attacks summoned from the fortress that can do a lot of harm to you. Fortunately, your army is also completely capable of destroying them. You need to accumulate enough resources to summon special soldiers to fight the enemy. If you miscalculate, they will quickly flood in front of your fortress.

Training units

You will have a lot of different options to include in your squad. Each unit has an excellent trait for you to take advantage of during attacks. For example, vanguard troops can take an outstanding benefit, but they are pretty weak in HP. Tankers have significant damage and high HP but move slowly. Gunners can attack from long range, causing discomfort to the opponent. Upgrade to improve the stats of the units you want. Helps maximize combat ability to have a chance to push the enemy back to the passive position. Arrange a standard formation so that they can support each other continuously.

Towerlands mod apk

Strategy map

To block attacks from happening, you will have to go to places where enemies will move through. There are a total of eight locations that are unique in their design. For example, preventing enemies from crossing bridges, fighting in the jungle or caves. Each place, you will again encounter a specific type of enemy living there. They will use the advantages they have to put you in a lot of trouble. If you fail, everything will be lost, and they will flood in and destroy everything. However, you can try again until you get the success you want. There is no need to get too angry if you lose a few times.

Towerlands mod android

Defeat the bosses

Bosses will appear when at essential stages of the battle you participate in. Enemies will summon these dangerous names to seek their advantage. Each of them has a few unique skills that can make your squad fall apart. The damage that comes from those attacks is also something to worry about. But you can give everything you have to block the movement of these guys. Try to buy time and drain the boss’s life with special units. Once the boss was dead, they were left with only weak people around. You will quickly turn the situation around and master this match.

This is a game suitable for those who love the innovative strategy style. Download the Towerlands mod to get the most powerful units and join the hot battlefields.

How to Download & Install Towerlands MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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