Project Entropy MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) 1.3.0

Updated 20/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameProject Entropy APK
PublisherFunPlus International AG
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, Defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Project Entropy

Project Entropy MOD APK – is where you will create miracles with many extraordinary things in the vast open world. Your target will be a series of different mysterious planets with many unusual changes. Other alien races with unique combat abilities will be your trusted comrades or extremely formidable enemies. Expand your empire to find new resources to increase your power. These intergalactic wars will take place continuously and without stopping. Only the wisest and strongest can win. Write about your adventure journey.

When experiencing the game, you will realize that no one can be an ally forever. Warriors can ultimately betray each other. They have only one purpose: to colonize planets. Be flexible with your tactics to fight the enemies. High-tech weapons retain their functions as they help you defend yourself and defeat different enemies. Galactic-level threats have appeared and brought extremely unpredictable disasters to the entire galaxy. It would be best if you created a powerful army with talented commanders and complete equipment to extinguish this threat.

Project Entropy mod

Download Project Entropy MOD APK – Planet invasions and scary space disasters

Space wars have gradually become extremely tense. The warriors need to capture as many planets as possible. The way to organize battles will no longer be as simple as before; new technologies integrated with many different warriors will force you to change your fighting style andconstantitable technique. Recruit the most potent species across the vast universe. Integrate their cutting-edge technologies to fight. Create mighty teams to fight your enemies. Different terrains require you to be adaptable and mentally ready to confront new enemies.

Project Entropy mod apk free

Space commanders

Those people play a vital role in the wars you participate in. Each hero has different storylines. The more heroes you recruit, the more tactical opportunities you will have. Heroes will give weapons buffs potent combat effects. In addition, they also have highly formidable fighting abilities. Each hero will belong to a different species. Therefore, their skill sets are entirely different, but this will create significant opportunities for them to interact with each other. In addition, each hero will belong to a different class,; the higher the class level, the more potent.

Project Entropy mod free

Dominate and unite

These are the two most important things you need to do to strengthen. Planets without owners will have biomes on them. Please put all your effort into significant battlefields to defeat them. They will be ready to submit to your feet as allies at that time. Don’t be so quick to despise the races that were defeated at your hands. They have exceptional fighting abilities and robust technologies. If you know how to combine them with your technology, the army will become more vital than ever. In addition, they are willing to let you exploit their resources.

Project Entropy free

Great military alliance

These are unavoidable large-scale wars. Every player has the desire to assert their strength. There is no better place for them than at these competitions. Find people to fight with you to create a strong alliance and defeat all enemies. When you do this, you will receive countless attractive rewards.

Additionally, you should value those who fight alongside you. They will be precious allies to pro,tect each other. Make yourself stronger to fight for the glory of your comrades.

Project Entropy mod apk

Cosmic level disaster

This is a mighty guy, and there seems to be no way to destroy him if you fight alone. He is a boss with incredible power. To be able to compete with him requires a few or more alliances. Furthermore, those who want to fight him must be strong enough. His minions are also extremely powerful and have formed an extremely battle-hardened army. Be the one to defeat terrifying space monsters at Project Entropy MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Project Entropy MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) for Android


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