Glory of Generals 3 MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.7.4

Updated 26/08/2023 (11 months ago)
NameGlory of Generals 3 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Glory of Generals 3

Following the hit game series of the same name, Glory of Generals 3 is a version that brings many new improvements. A strategy game where you try your hand at the role of generals. You need to lead your army to conquer the battlefield when the second world war has come. The generals in this period are no longer strange to those knowledgeable about history. Along with that is the diversity of military forces. Each game mode has different requirements, but all have an enemy-focused goal. This place requires players to have the ability to observe and analyze the situation. From there, make the best decisions for the game.

Fierce battles unfold, and players use all the elements they own. All include generals, technology, and soldiers to defeat their enemies. Here you can see an environment with different coloured troops standing in random positions. From there, you can easily navigate the army to the appropriate location depending on the characteristics of the military. They will then automatically attack the enemy. This is based on the calculation of your army strength. When you select an army, the number of hexagons corresponding to each troop appears. This symbolizes the mobility of these characters.

Glory of Generals 3 android

Download Glory of Generals 3 mod – Become a general leading soldier in World War 2

After selecting the desired game mode, a map appears on the screen. Before that, you chose the army you led, and the general did it. The game provides information about the abilities of the generals. But players can rely on their knowledge to make the correct choice. During the fight, when touching the screen, hexagons appear. Now you need to hold down and move the soldiers to the desired location. For example, you can bring an army of tanks to fight the enemy’s ground troops. Keep doing the same with other groups of troops to earn more new victories.

Glory of Generals 3 apk free

Game mode

Glory of Generals 3 offers three main game modes: campaign, team army and united front. With the campaign mode, you directly participate in the battles of history. You need to complete the requirements of the game screen, through which to know the power of the minions. As the name suggests, the group army mode is where you can see a huge World War 2 map. Your troop positions stand out from other territories by color. Also, when you select a corresponding territory, you see an arrow showing your attack or move path. If you can choose where to attack, you can go to the game screen with the number of troops available.

Glory of Generals 3 mod

Diverse generals

A diverse system from generals army to technology is provided. Players can find a lot of factors that help players increase the strength of their army. The first thing needed is the generals, this is the factor that increases the beneficial effect in the battle. There are many famous generals in history; they have led countless soldiers in world war. When you select a champion, there is an avatar of that person above the troop. Cooperate with generals to create new and unprecedented battles in history. Highlight names like Manstein, Guderian, Zhukov, MacArthur, and Eisenhower,…

Glory of Generals 3 mod apk

Military system

Military units from over 200 countries and more than 60 special forces join your battlefield. The number of troops is diverse, and you can decide which role to play in battle. Troops each have their distinct functions, like infantry specializing in guns. There is also a fleet of tanks with a variety of designs. Or giant warships are floating on the sea, waiting for orders. There are also German Tiger tanks and KV tanks. Or the Soviet Katyusha rocket, the British Royal SAS regiment. Owning these special troops, victory can easily be within reach.

Glory of Generals 3 apk

If you already own a strong army but still have not won. So players need to review the strategy they set out for the battle. A special strategic system is required, carefully considering the options involved. Objectives are given as capturing target areas. Or break the siege, defend the position of the territory and destroy the enemy on a large scale. They are featuring over 120 historical scenarios in six war zones. You can experience these battles from the Axis and the Allies. Download Glory of Generals 3 mod to control the army participating in World War 2.

How to Download & Install Glory of Generals 3 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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