Idle Royal Hero MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Damage multiplier/God mode) 1.1.3

Updated 19/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameIdle Royal Hero APK
PublisherBARS interactive
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Damage multiplier/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce Idle Royal Hero MOD APK

The heroic strategy game controls a talented knight named Idle Royal Hero. A long and majestic road but only the lone rider and steed. But don’t worry; this solitude will be filled by the fighting army. Hold a team of talented and healthy soldiers with you through this road. The escort army needs to have the most flexible and calculated leadership. Your squad needs to deal with the monsters that appear in the area. Protect the horseman riding behind and ensure he is safe through this battle area.

The game is split screen vertically, the upper half is the area where you fight. The bottom half of the screen is where you make adjustments. Here you can freely adjust skills, heroes, and income checks,…On the line separating the two areas, there are two coloured bars. A red bar represents the blood line; yellow corresponds to the player’s energy. When you hit the attack of monsters, the health line decreases. When this health bar is nearly exhausted, the screen flashes red, signaling you. You need to make key actions to quickly end the battle. If you don’t, you will have to lose.

Idle Royal Hero android

Download Idle Royal Hero mod – Lead an army of soldiers to protect the knight from monsters.

After being transferred to the area to be fought, a red inverted triangle appears in front of the player. This figure is divided into two; the top has a bow and arrow, and the bottom has a sword shape. This is where you can put your troops. If you cannot buy soldiers first, you need to control the knights to fight the monsters yourself. Then, when you have the soldier cards below, you can touch these cards to enter the battle. Depending on the ability of each person, the soldiers are arranged in different positions. Your job is to choose how to arrange them horizontally.

Escort soldiers

The soldiers are the good characters who protect you before the battle. Idle Royal Hero gives you soldiers of different positions. These heroes, you can collect cards when you win. Or you can spend gold coins won to buy the strongest. For example, a swordsman in plain clothes with only one sword. Or soldiers equipped with discreet armor along with shields and swords. Or archers, with the main weapon, of course, being a long-range bow. The positions of each of them need to be proportionately arranged. So that all soldiers can best complement and support each other when fighting.

Idle Royal Hero mod apk

Character upgrade

If you only own soldiers in the most basic mode, it is difficult for you to pass the route smoothly. Because the power of the monsters increases, you also have to strengthen yourself. Upgrade your soldiers so that they can devote their full strength to the battle. Only need to own two soldier cards of equal level and ability. Combining them, you can get a new stronger version. Keep doing the same until all your soldiers become legendary versions. From there, you can own an impregnable army of soldiers and win every war.

Idle Royal Hero apk

Fight the boss

Teams of baby monsters seem so familiar to you already. Having to reach the higher special levels, you may encounter worthy opponents. They are boss monsters that hold enormous power. They have a deformed appearance but possess abilities that you do not expect. To destroy these animals, you need to be very careful in the arrangement of the squad.

Along with that, it is possible to combine power-supporting skills. They help amplify your energies as well as create a heavy impact on the boss. After winning, you can receive rewards commensurate with your efforts.

Idle Royal Hero mod

Skill system of many different types can increase your health. These skills can also create tsunamis, creating a layer of protection for a certain time. In the location arrangement area, usually, the player will be arranged for 4 soldiers to go first. Then there are two more soldiers behind; if you unlock more new positions, the more interesting it will be. You can unlock it to strengthen your team. Download Idle Royal Hero mod and arrange soldiers into a formation to protect knights from monsters.

How to Download & Install Idle Royal Hero MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Damage multiplier/God mode) for Android

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