Evolution Idle Tycoon MOD APK 6.1.5 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 20/12/2022 (1 month ago)
NameEvolution Idle Tycoon APK
PublisherLittle Bit Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Evolution Idle Tycoon belongs to the genre of strategy games. The game is published by the producer Little Bit Games. Referring to the phrase “Evolution”, surely anyone who is a fan of evolution games cannot be ignored. Little Bit Games gives you the opportunity to see firsthand the process of human life. You will be involved in the creation of the world. Through the ages from ancient to present and even the future world. In this game, you will be like a great architect. You create and build up the world. Little Bit Games has a lot of great features about graphics, music, sound effects, simple gameplay mechanics,…

Evolution Idle Tycoon is a game that attracts players both in terms of image and content. How the world is created and how it develops is in the palm of your hand. Everything you need to prepare yourself when entering Evolution Idle Tycoon is a spirit of comfort, perseverance and desire to create. The world in the game though is the miniature world of emulation but brings together everything that the outside world has. So the game helps you to have more knowledge about history, science and biology. The game has no complicated gameplay but is extremely easy to understand. Chain of rewards and thousands of attractive gifts in Evolution Idle Tycoon. If you want strategy games to have more powerful fighting gameplay. You can’t ignore Clash Royale, or Lords Mobile.

Evolution Idle Tycoon mod

Download Evolution Idle Tycoon mod – Journey to create the world

Start game Evolution Idle Tycoon is a setting of a small island in the middle of the ocean. Blue outdoors, white clouds, yellow sunshine, there is absolutely nothing else on the island. Your task in this game is to create lands, creatures, trees, houses, … from that island. Next is to bring the island through the ages. These are the periods from the Stone Age to the future using upgrade mode. The game has a simple gameplay that makes it easy to expand the realm. Thus, every day you will receive attractive rewards. All you need in Evolution Idle Tycoon is sublime agility and creativity.

Evolution Idle Tycoon mod apk

Simple gameplay

Like many other idle style evolution games, Evolution Idle Tycoon has extremely simple gameplay. The display of specific functions is easy to understand. In Evolution Idle Tycoon, the main raw materials for making all objects or upgrading them are atoms. The first thing you have to do is click on the atom icon to build atoms. After you have an atomic base, you have a choice of tools to grow and build. After each completed mission you will get more atoms. You upgrade and unlock more tools and territories to perfect the world. The game has an auto-collect mode that brings many benefits to you.

Evolution Idle Tycoon mod free

Enjoy the world full of magic

Evolution Idle Tycoon opens up an exciting world. Habitat of creatures and humans in ancient times is vividly reproduced. Honesty from shaping to lifestyle and habits. Each era you discover has a diverse system of life. It includes the creatures, trees, and rocks that are characteristic of those ages. You will be directly involved in creating each with different epochs but also different territories. With beautiful graphics, Evolution Idle Tycoon will take you to see beautiful landscapes such as the bustling city in ROME, prehistoric villages or modern era.

Evolution Idle Tycoon mod download

Plentiful rewards

Every day after completing the missions you will receive rewards. With these rewards, you can go to the shop to buy tools to upgrade and unlock new eras. The rewards can be atoms or diamonds. You can also earn more atoms by watching linked in-game promotional videos. Try your luck through the lucky wheel. It can give you one of the rewards like tickets, diamonds, increased atomic production time or extra spins. Occasionally there will be treasures washed ashore. Please pay attention and do not let it go away!

Evolution Idle Tycoon mod android

Evolution Idle Tycoon is an idle strategy game suitable for all types of players. Creativity and evolution are non-stop so your tasks are always varied. The game has simple gameplay mechanics and rich crafting tools. Coming to Evolution Idle Tycoon, players can unleash creativity and see the world. The game is a historical and biological treasure for us to explore and exploit. Download Evolution Idle Tycoon mod to experience and explore the development of the Earth. Build a realistic simulator world your own way. At the same time, collect for yourself attractive rewards and gifts.

Download Evolution Idle Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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