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Updated 27/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NamePacific Fire APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Pacific Fire

Pacific Fire MOD APK takes you back to World War 2 at the Pacific Theater. You participate in the wars between Europe and Asia from 1941-to 1945. It can be said that this period is highly crisis; the whole world is engulfed in the darkness of war. Artillery forces from everywhere broke out, destroying each other over the colony. Players fight together in large and small disputes, and a series of campaigns are activated. Aeroplanes and warships massively stormed forward, resolutely defending the country’s sovereignty. Which side will you be in this chaotic war, and how much effort will be needed to preserve the force?

Pacific Fire APK mod faithfully recreates the brutality that war has caused. There has never been a war without loss of life and property. Any country that participates will suffer heavy losses, wreaking havoc on humanity and terrible nature. As a commander, you need to be innovative and develop specific strategies to defeat the enemy. A country with a king and a leader at the top will undoubtedly find a stable landing. Countries that have suffered during wars have also worn out physically and mentally. Pacific Fire will simulate the intense battle in detail; you will feel the sinking atmosphere.

Pacific Fire android

Download Pacific Fire mod – enter the 2nd world war

Going back in time to the past, but not very good. You will face the killing of each other, dropping bombs everywhere to destroy. Each nation fought for independence, wanting to take possession of new lands. And you are also one of the countries implementing a scramble strategy, with the desire to win trophies. You will go deep into the war, be the one to participate in the fight directly and show your full potential. Take control of mighty armies, flying planes and giant fortresses. If you lived in a time of crisis, how would you deal with the situation? Let’s wait and see how you will shine in hundreds of countries!

Pacific Fire mod

Campaigns with history

Players will experience more than 20 different small, medium and large campaigns. Each campaign requires tactics, quick handling and a clear path. The wars ranged from the invasion of Pearl Harbor to the moment when Japan surrendered and returned home. Air and naval warfare were established by Pacific Fire, following the pattern of the old war. That helps players feel their spirit and desire when fighting. No matter which enemy you stand in front of, you don’t care about the danger; ordering a frontal attack is the first thing to do. But also need to be careful in every step of the policy to bring down the most accurate opponent.

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Combat Weapons Control

You are the commander, so controlling the army, weapons, and assets of the country is essential. More than 180 types of aircraft and warships need you to steer in the right direction. Those will be launched as needed, adjusting the speed and aiming precisely. Players raise the squad if the enemy attacks fiercely; we cannot yield to anyone. The war stretched from India to the United States, a very long way that needs you to be wise. You will lead the campaign according to historical milestones and can attack or retreat to protect the nation’s sacred territory. Be flexible in your gameplay and show your full potential to the world.

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Ancient strategy suitable for each match

Pacific Fire APK 1.602 offers you a series of unique and different challenges like never before. The experience of reliving the war has captivated you right from the first time. Everything aroused curiosity. What if I was a part of the war. Because living in an arduous period, everything is still gradually improving, so the strategy needs to be upgraded. You need to study the most commonly used ancient walkways carefully about it. Only old methods will adapt you to the warm environment. Just come up with a plan; whether you fail or succeed, you have tried your best.

Pacific Fire apk

Pacific Fire MOD APK takes players through many different emotions through wars. In a world in turmoil, you enter to feel the heat of combat. The battles are well laid out, the military is fully equipped, and the weapons are fully qualified, add your strategy. Different timelines correspond to fighting between other nations. Depending on the history books recorded, you will flexibly change the countries you are in. Lead the armies and move forward, bringing the country out of its misery. Download Pacific Fire mod, participate in world war two and clearly understand the nation’s atmosphere.

How to Download & Install Pacific Fire APK for Android


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