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NameTrue Masters APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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True Masters is a fighting game with excellent and eye-catching combos. Players will choose a warrior they trust the most to control them and win. The game has quite simple context designs, but in return, it is in the battle scene. Each warrior will be a master in his playing field, controlling the element. Players need to use rationally and creatively the element they own to defeat the enemy. To defeat the enemy, the player has two ways; one is to fight to make the opponent’s blood reduce. The second way is to create moves with strong enough effects, pushing the opponent out of the arena. Each gamer will choose his way to win.

A game where the battle scenes are focused and invested quite heavily by the game maker. Each warrior will have his unique outfit and appearance, no duplicate. The way the characters move is also characteristic of that warrior, aggressive or stealthy. And one thing that impresses gamers most is the appearance of the elements. A warrior guy uses punches; each punch is thrown, and a fire block appears. Or a gladiator, every wave of his hand, every kick is a stone that rushes to the target. Then there is the scene where the elements collide and come into contact with each other as grand as a blockbuster. Sounds exciting and want to play right away?

True Masters mod

Download True Masters mod – Become an elemental master

Indeed gamers are no longer strange with the name Aang; the guy is Avatar, the Airbender. In the world-famous animated movie Avatar, The Last Airbender, Aang is the main character. This boy is a person who can use all four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Not only can Aang be used, but Aang can also skillfully and skillfully coordinate the four elements. In this True Masters game, the same elements from the Avatar cartoon have also been brought in. The fact that the warriors use graceful martial arts moves to use the element will appear. Punches create fire, kicks create the earth, and swings create tornadoes. The techniques are invested to perfection.

True Masters apk free

Captivating fight scenes

True Masters is a fighting game that stands out thanks to its variety of eye-catching battle scenes. On the right side of the screen is still the move button, and on the left are the character’s skill keys. Gamers need to have good tactical thinking to choose positions and launch moves. In addition, the player also needs to have a quick reaction to the situation to dodge the enemy’s attack. The martial postures of each character are studied very clearly by the game makers. There are martial arts, powerful kicks to call up large blocks of stone, rushing to the opponent. Next are the mighty powers of Thai masters, creating great flames. As for those who use water as strength, one can imagine the poses of Tai Chi. And when two opponents fight each other, it will be like they are fighting a regular boxing match. It’s just that those beaters have more unique elements of nature.

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Awesome natural element

In the battles of True Masters, the elements will be creatively used by all warriors. As a game still in development, True Masters offers six elements. The first element, always creating a flash for the warrior when fighting, is the fire element. This is probably the element that the game maker makes the most attack shapes. The fire element’s most direct attacks are punches that create flying flames. Besides, the gladiator can create tall pillars or a wave of fire. The second element is earth, bringing tenderness to every hit. The gladiator can kick forward, thereby creating a block of stone that flies to the enemy. Or you can kick sideways, and a stone will rush in from the opponent’s side. As for water, it is pretty similar to fire, also has a punch to create water but will be more flexible. There are also whirlwinds of wind, ice from water, and thunder.

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Many tenacious warriors

And to get those powerful elemental moves, it takes brutal warriors. Before starting the battle, you will choose a warrior who possesses the element you like. If you like using the earth element, you can choose Diana, an earth warrior. She can create large blocks of stone to attack enemies and protect herself. If you are passionate about the fire element, you can choose either Blaze or Rina. Both of these warriors use the element of fire; of course, each will have its moves. So for an element that is both as flexible and powerful as water, Sora is the right person. There are many other warriors with their unique elements.

True Masters apk

If you are someone who has had a childhood with Airbender boy Aang, this is the game for you. Realistic martial arts combined with elements in nature create the ultimate battle. Download True Masters to battle with your character, control your elemental possessions and defeat other opponents.

Download True Masters MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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