TV Invasion MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Skins) 0.3.6

Updated 11/04/2024 (3 days ago)
NameTV Invasion APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked Skins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK TV Invasion

Start your strange wars against the monsters that appear in TV Invasion MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Skins). You will have to fight monsters that appear right in the house you live in. But you wonder where they come from and have found the reason behind this. The TV in your house is the portal through which monsters attack you. So you have to fight them in a way you never thought possible. And in this battle, the remote control will be your tool against attacking monsters. Protect your home from monsters escaping from the TV you use often.

The home you live in is a carefully chosen one with safety guarantees. However, that is lost when you discover the existence of many strange creatures. They have a cruel appearance and are heading toward you to perform attacks. But you keep your cool and realize they are shaped like television sets. However, you do not know what causes them to mutate and become your attacker. But it would be best to keep yourself safe anyway, and fighting is the most effective way. Use your TV remote to defeat monsters in the shape of televisions.

TV Invasion android

Download TV Invasion APK mod – Fight the invasion from the TVs in the house

You will start the war in your home, but the enemies are items. They are familiar televisions, but in your eyes, they harm you. But contrary to normal, the televisions that attack you have a scary appearance. They rely on the connection between your TV and the room to appear and start attacking. However, they are just televisions and will be affected by remotes. And you can destroy them by using the TV remote to fight in your house. Fight evil TVs that are teleported into the room you’re in.

TV Invasion free

War in the room

Televisions are always familiar items of the modern world that everyone has. You also live in the scientific age, and your room has a television set. You use This device to follow your favorite movies and daily news. However, now the path leads evil enemies to come before you. And you’ll find they look exactly like the TVs you’ve seen before. But those TVs can attack you, and they are doing it. So the war in the room has happened, and you must fight your televisions.

TV Invasion mod

Special enemies

You have started the battle in your room when facing the enemies. But this is a strange war when fighting in a narrow space. And more strangely, the enemies you will face will be the televisions you do not take seriously. The only difference is that the televisions that attack you are already dominated by crime. They have the devil’s wings to fly toward you and attack suddenly. Or one of the televisions will show an angry face at you through the screen. Face unique enemies in your room and keep yourself safe.

TV Invasion mod apk

Protection weapons

Televisions are no longer innocuous but have become the enemy that you have to face. But they are not the televisions in your home, but other televisions. So you have to stop the TVs before they enter the room entirely. And the weapon you use to protect yourself is the TV remote control. The enemy you face is the TV, so that they will be affected by your remote. So you have to use it rationally to prevent all enemies from the TV in the room. Protect yourself with the remote against invading TVs.

TV Invasion apk

You are in danger right in your room when unique enemies appear. And you will be surprised to realize they are the same televisions you still use. However, you quickly see the danger as they seem to have changed. And that’s true when evil-looking televisions are directed at you to attack. This can be called the invasion of televisions, and you must fight them. Since they’re televisions, you’ll use the remote control as a defensive weapon. Download TV Invasion APK 0.3.6 to discover the battle in your room against the televisions.

How to Download & Install TV Invasion MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Skins) for Android


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