Criminal Russia 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 12.9.1

Updated 24/11/2023 (5 days ago)
NameCriminal Russia 3D APK
PublisherLimanSkyGames LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Criminal Russia 3D

Criminal Russia 3D MOD APK is a game that helps you experience the feeling of becoming a crime boss. You will meet a guy named Boris who is unemployed and has nothing as an asset. But he is starving to go on adventures and explore the world around him. I thought this situation would continue, but everything changed when my brother was arrested. He was forced to leave his hometown and begin his journey to escape ridicule. And you will participate in those adventures when accompanying Boris. Get ready to forge your path to survival against brand-new experiences.

Hero Boris had to leave his homeland, and his brother stayed behind. But he could not find a stable job without money in his pocket. Therefore, the journeys continued continuously and tortuously until the criminal path appeared. Boris became one of the six most notorious mafia bosses where he came from. It all started with one event: he stole cars from people living there. And you will experience Boris and his criminal journeys and become a tycoon. Embark on missions to uncover illegal activities in which you are involved.

Criminal Russia 3D mod

Download Criminal Russia 3D MOD APK – Experience and explore gangster life

You are the companion of poor Boris but have a dream of adventure through all lands. But because his brother was imprisoned, he had to leave his hometown and move elsewhere. Because he had no money in his pocket, Boris had to steal a car and become a reluctant criminal. However, he felt suitable for this path and joined the gangster force. And the gangster life with many illegal activities officially begins. During those journeys, you will join Boris in accomplishing missions to eliminate and expand his power. Explore the mysterious gangster world and try to become the most notorious boss.

Criminal Russia 3D apk

Become a gangster

Boris is forced to follow the path of crime and will stop at nothing to satisfy himself. So when traveling with him, you have an excellent opportunity to explore places. You can perform activities such as using guns to fight and expand the area. Or when you lack money, you can break into houses or steal cars and motorbikes. However, those activities are illegal, and you will become a wanted subject. And you must be careful when operating because if discovered, you can be arrested by the police. With Boris, carry out criminal activities and become a gangster in Criminal Russia 3D MOD APK.

Criminal Russia 3D mod apk

Customize and fight

You will become the creator of illegal activities and aim to become a tycoon. So, to get ready, customize your appearance to have the demeanor of a leader. Choosing your favorite clothes can change your appearance when you go out. This function will help you escape dangerous situations such as being chased. Besides, equip guns so you can protect yourself when in danger. There are more than 40 types of weapons, including the most straightforward types, knives, to powerful weapons like guns. So when you become a criminal, conquer the challenges in the gangster world.

Criminal Russia 3D free

Become a notorious tycoon

Your journey to explore the underworld begins when you accompany the criminal Boris. He will lead you to different cities and locations, such as villages and landmarks. All are shown in detail and realistically so you can easily distinguish. In addition, you can explore the transportation system using 100 types of vehicles. They can also be adjusted to your desired color and specifications. However, to freely adventure, you must first prove your status as a tycoon. Build your reputation as a mafia boss and become the guy everyone fears.

Criminal Russia 3D android

You have become an underground activist, but don’t forget your purpose. That is to rescue Boris’s brother from a criminal case of shortcomings. And to prepare for this plan, you have conquered the challenges of becoming a gangster. The missions and illegal activities have made you mentally strong despite all the difficulties. So you have also successfully become the most famous mafia boss ever known. And you should help Boris adventure through all the challenges to help his brother escape prison. Download Criminal Russia 3D MOD APK to experience adventures in the underworld.

How to Download & Install Criminal Russia 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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