Dash.io MOD APK (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy) 0.9.9

Updated 30/10/2023 (4 months ago)
NameDash.io APK
PublisherTrèfle & Co. Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Dash.io

Do you remember the cat walking in the harem in the work of the same name by author Charles Perrault? This time we will see him again in a whole new adventure. That’s the adventure in Dash.io: Archer Sword 3D. This is a trendy adventure game today. It has good and engaging content. In addition, the images and sounds are eye-catching and fun. Explore the maze in Dash.io: Archer Sword 3D with the cat and heroic friends.

Our character has used his intelligence to bring glory and wealth to the owner in work The catwalks. In this adventure, the cat has a new mission to fight with the monsters to protect the peaceful kingdom. Cats walking with friends will go to the lair of youkai. They hide in mysterious mazes. With a new identity and role, let’s look forward to our cat hero. Join the cat in battles with swords and wands.

Legend of Heroes mod free

Download Dasher: Archer Sword 3D mod – Crush all enemies that stand in your way

Coming to the magical world in Dash.io, players will transform into brave heroes. Their mission is extremely noble, that is, to destroy the evil monsters to protect the kingdom’s peace. Every beginning is always bumpy and difficult, but do not be discouraged but try to overcome. From a mediocre sword-wielding knight, you can become a god. Use your magic sword and unleash storm-like attacks. Explore all the mazes to confront dangerous, large monsters and adorable creatures.

Amazing adventure

In this adventure, you will face countless mysterious monsters in the mazes. In the beginning, the player will choose his favorite character. Then use the weapons you already have to attack the monster. In the first level, you will not have magic. All combat is close combat. Superheroes must approach monsters at close range and then deliver precise slashes at them. When attacked by monsters, dodge wisely so as not to waste energy. After each level, the system will show you new fighting skills. Learn and upgrade them all: swing your sword, spitfire, create lightning, ..to become invincible.

Legend of Heroes mod

Crazy Attack Chain

Before meeting the leader monster, the player will have to pass a lot of small monsters. You need to perform a series of consecutive attacks to meet the boss. After each level, the monster is evolved to a new level. The amount of health and strength increased many times. Their attacks are also varied. Players need to be very careful while fighting. It would be best if you made attacks to return the health of the monsters to zero. That way, we can win.

Challenge the leaderboard

The score ranking of the players will constantly change every day. No matter if you’re the first or the last, don’t worry. Skill and hard work are the factors that bring you to the top. Prove yourself as a genius warrior with your best friends. This will be a fun and competitive arena. Does the top position belong to you? We have to try to know, right?

Daily lucky draw

Every day players can receive a surprise gift from Dash.io: Archer Sword 3D. The gifts will be randomly drawn to choose from. The rewards will be useful items for your battles. If you’re lucky, you can get battle swords, magic wands,… In addition, there are factors such as increased strength, bonuses after victory,… The more you discover new maps, the more you have the ability to collect more and more wonderful gifts.

Immerse yourself in the world of beautiful graphics

The graphic design in Dash.io: Archer Sword 3D is respectable. The amazing 3D magic world with magical colors will make you overwhelmed—super spectacular and magical combat effects. Every slash, every swing of your wand can destroy the evil energy of the monsters, about the character image. The characters are all beautifully designed. They wear super cool armor, cloaks, and swords. The monsters are scary, but sometimes they also appear with lovely, close shapes. For example, the fruits we often eat, the animals we often encounter in life.

Legend of Heroes mod download

Are you ready to embark on a dangerous and unexpected adventure with our heroes? Download Dasher: Archer Sword 3D mod now, role-play your favorite characters and fight the strongest monsters. Lots of maps and surprises ahead. Be a brave hero and work hard to improve your skills. From there, become a powerful hero and have the most powerful spells to prove your talent.

How to Download & Install Dash.io MOD APK (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy) for Android


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