Eyes: Scary Thriller MOD APK 7.0.4 (Unlimited money, unlocked all)

Updated on 29/01/2023 (2 days ago)
NameEyes: Scary Thriller APK
PublisherFearless Sp. z o.o.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked all
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Eyes: Scary Thriller is a mysterious story that revolves around the mansion of Miles, a rich man. For some reason, this merchant’s house was no longer living. In other words, it was probably abandoned, but inside there is still a lot of fortune. The player will play the role of a thief on a mission of stealing collecting objects and valuable money in the house. You must be thinking that now you can get rich by breaking into the mansion. But no, Eyes: Scary Thriller surprises the player not only about the spacious area of ​​the mansion. You gradually discover the mysteries while stealing things here.

It is not known if the host was harmed by bad guys or someone died in this house, but the player must face ghosts. When it comes to ghosts, people often frighten. In fact, there is no scientific evidence to confirm the existence of this phenomenon. However, Eyes: Scary Thriller allows you to see them in stages. And more than that the ghost can chase you while stealing things. The emotional gameplay awaits you in Eyes: Scary Thriller.

Eyes Scary Thriller mod

Download Eyes: Scary Thriller mod – Steal property in a mansion with many ghosts

Eyes: Scary Thriller allows players to explore a very large mansion. All are planned in advance, you will go to specific areas that have been pre-divided to perform the task. But ghosts always exist in this house, that’s your problem. Even if you are not weak, you cannot blatantly take away possessions when they appear. Ghosts will chase and harm you, avoid them when they see their shadow. Although the mission in the game is necessary, you still need to ensure your safety. In fact, humans no longer live in this house, you can stay here as long as you like.

Eyes Scary Thriller mod download

Collect money bags

Owned by a wealthy merchant, the property kept in the mansion was everywhere. Players will collect money bags during the game. Besides, you need to search for the door scene marked before to confirm the completion of the task at that location. Please use the map to see the specific paths in the villa. It is not as sharp as everything is hand-painted. Eyes: Scary Thriller creates gameplay for real thieves, improving his super stealing skills.

Eyes Scary Thriller mod apk

Avoid ghosts

It seems the ghosts in this house have some kind of suffering. They want those who enter here to endure like what they have experienced. Best of all, as a thief, you cannot justify the action or the reason for being here. But by using Eye Runes, the player will know in advance where the ghosts are. From there you will plan to collect the money but also do not let the ghost get caught. In the event that bad luck is discovered, the best way is to run away quickly to avoid leaving any trace. As with fantasy when it comes to ghosts, they are often in dark and hidden places. Limit travel to such locations for maximum safety.

Eyes Scary Thriller mod android

Try the role of a thief in Eyes: Scary Thriller. This is not a great job, but you will have a whole new challenge. Be present in the mansion of the rich owner, adventure, and collect precious possessions. Download Eyes: Scary Thriller mod players need to take all assets and avoid the detection of scary ghosts.

Download Eyes: Scary Thriller MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked all) for Android

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