Cops N Robbers 2 MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money, speed) 2.2.9

Updated on 04/08/2021 (2 years ago)
NameCops N Robbers 2 APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Unlimited money, speed
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Police and robbers are two forces that have been at odds with each other for a long time. Cops N Robbers 2 will show you the other value of this contradiction. In the missions that the robbers perform, there may appear a few traitors. These names need to be found before the elaborate schemes are revealed. Use your own reasoning and thinking to solve difficult problems. Escape from prisons that are extremely famous for their solidity and solidity.

The Minecraft game, since its launch, has made a huge impact on the player community. Up to now, it still holds an important position and is not inferior to any competitor. Cops N Robbers 2 is a game based on the best of Minecraft. The game possesses familiar square block graphics that create magnificent scenes. You can interact with a lot of cool things in this game.

Cops N Robbers 2 mod free

Download Cops N Robbers 2 mod – Make great escape plans

For committing unforgivable crimes, you are sent to a high-security prison. A free spirit does not allow you to give up at such times. Let’s escape and find the fastest way out of this prison. First, you will call on others to unlock you out of the cell. Then you will have to follow the tasks given by the police, or you will be punished. Take the opportunity to get out before getting caught by the police and sending you back to the camp. Be careful because the impostors will betray you and help the police to manage the prisoners. This is a game that promotes people’s trust and acumen.

To win, all the prisoners must escape from the prison. You can mobilize people to find a way out. Don’t give spies a chance to know what you’re doing. Try to avoid encountering him to avoid punishment.

Cops N Robbers 2 mod download

Props system

We need different props to keep ourselves safe from attack. During the escape, you will collect a lot of items. It can be armor, hats, or weapons like shovels, axes, or swords. These weapons will help you destroy the spies. Make sure you can execute your plans safely. These tools are beneficial for escaping from prison easily and quickly. It can be used to dig holes, break barriers easily before the police arrive. Don’t waste your precious time, but start working on your goals.

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Become an impostor

Like the werewolf game, there will be a chosen one installed to monitor the prisoners’ actions. If you are the chosen one, you will have to pretend to do the missions not to be detected. These missions will be identical to those of normal prisoners. If anyone tries to escape, you can report it to the police. If others discover you, you will be quickly destroyed. If no one can escape from your hand, the game is over. You will be the ultimate winner of the bandits’ regret. Be a real smart and wise forger to complete every difficult task.

Cops N Robbers 2 mod android

Manage the robbers

Prisons, of course, will have police in charge of managing all criminals. When in this role, you will have full authority to act when necessary. All prisoners will have to do what they want. They will do the tasks you set. If they detect any abnormal behavior, then handle it. Can receive information from impostors to increase search efficiency. It can be said that being a police officer will be much more difficult than being a robber. But the victory received will be more glorious, and you are the one who has won over everyone else. Try to create a tight containment so as not to be bypassed.

In the customization section, you can choose your appearance so that it is reasonable. You can wear whatever awesome outfit you need on yourself. Choose skin color, hair, or face to make your character more handsome or beautiful. There’s no limit to this, so get creative. Playing Cops N Robbers 2 mod is simply for you to find simple fun. There’s no need to compete or compete with anyone to stress yourself out. You can play anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have the necessary things.

Download Cops N Robbers 2 MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money, speed) for Android

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Love this game. 7/10

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Can I have cops and robbers mod menu 
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How do u become a mod

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