Survival Island 2: Dinosaurs MOD APK 1.4.27 (Unlimited money)

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NameSurvival Island 2: Dinosaurs APK
PublisherGameFirst Mobile
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Survival Island 2: Dinosaurs offer an experiential adventure in the vast space of dinosaurs. Are you a dinosaur lover who wants to learn and discover things about them? This adventure world will take you from surprise to surprise and face giant dinosaurs. You need to survive any circumstances and build a memorable adventure. At first, you are in the ocean full of sharks, but your fate is twisted. After a sudden storm hits and you get lost on a large island, all around you are new things. You will start a life surrounded by dinosaurs, what to do?

The journey on the island has never been easy when dealing with countless dangers that are always lurking. You have to stay on a wild island, one side is seawater, the other is dinosaurs. Everything will be overwhelming at first, but gradually you will get used to it. Dinosaurs are both your friend and opponent if you can’t tame them. You will paint this adventure with all your efforts and efforts to survive. Experience the good things about the old world of dinosaurs that you can’t find in real life. How long will you stay in this world full of mystery and excitement?

Survival Island 2 Dinosaurs mod apk

Download Survival Island 2: Dinosaurs mod – write on the adventure on dinosaur island

Players take the role of a strong guy, ready to explore everything and fight any danger. You can become lucrative prey for the movement on the island, even dinosaurs. You will have two options: becoming a top hunter or a dinosaur tamer. Do you have your direction for this adventure yet? Whatever you decide, you will enjoy it to the fullest in this journey. Your survival depends on taming or hunting fearsome dinosaurs. Either way, you must defeat them and survive as long as possible. Everything is ready, let’s start to rescue yourself!

Survival Island 2 Dinosaurs apk free

Diverse types of dinosaurs on the island

Survival Island 2: Dinosaurs build a rich collection of different dinosaurs. Besides the dangerous dinosaurs, there is also Dodo, who will be your precious friend. Dodo is your only relative on this wild island; make use of it and survive. It has the role of protecting you from danger from Kentrosaurus, Pterodactyls, and other animals. Your task must be teamed up with Dodo to tame or tame the remaining dinosaurs rampant in this world. Any dinosaur has its strength, and the speed of attacking you is lightning fast. If you are not careful, you will get in trouble and be destroyed by them.

Survival Island 2 Dinosaurs mod

Explore mysterious caves

Every day is an experience, you will explore the mysterious caves on the island. Players can collect valuable resources during the journey. But it is not easy that you own those rare resources. You have to fight with dangerous dinosaurs in the cave to get them. The war between humans and dinosaurs is fierce, and you need to survive the fights. Use the tools you earn to fight them, exploiting as many resources as possible. The caves are designed in a row, going deep inside to discover new things makes you overwhelmed.

Survival Island 2 Dinosaurs apk

Build your shelter

To avoid the attack of dangerous animals, you need a haven. From valuable tools and resources that you collect during wars to building your own house. Survival Island 2: Dinosaurs encourage you to enhance the help you have, owning a solid home is what you need. The more secure the shelter, the safer you are and the longest you can survive. Mine new lands on this wild island and take possession of them. Renovate and upgrade your home regularly to avoid unexpected intrusions.

Survival Island 2 Dinosaurs android

Survival Island 2: Dinosaurs allow us to discover dinosaurs and new things right at a time. You will be an uninvited guest on this island. That’s why these animals living on this will attack you at any time and eagerly want to destroy you. Use and craft weapons such as axes and hammers to increase combat power. Collect rare resources in exchange for endurance by participating in controlling dinosaurs in caves. Survive long and complete the new adventure in this playthrough. Download Survival Island 2: Dinosaurs mod become a predator or tame the ultimate dinosaur.

Download Survival Island 2: Dinosaurs MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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