Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter MOD APK (High Gold, character unlocked) 2.4

Updated 06/04/2024 (1 week ago)
NameBad Girls Wrestling Fighter APK
PublisherFighting Arena
MOD FeaturesHigh Gold, character unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter

For a long time, duels such as boxing or wrestling have become popular. The strongest gladiators will be selected and on the floor to fight with each other. The one who is defeated first and cannot get up will be the loser in the match. Viewers always admire the beautiful and unexpected punches. You are also a fan of this fighting game. Do you always want to enjoy the heat of the stands during the matches? Let Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter also realize your dream. In case you don’t have the heart to hit the girls, you can choose some other games like Dungeon: Age of Heroes, NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050.

In one arena, all the spoiled girls will gather and fight with each other. Hand-to-hand battles will take place and these girls will fight it for a while. Belongs to the classic fighting game genre very popular by many players. A 3D graphic that simulates in detail the powerful combat moves. You will be immersed in unequal battles with eye-catching fights. A game that requires skillful controls from the player. Come up with the right fighting strategies to defeat your opponents on the floor. The quintessence and authenticity of the stands will be shown in violent gameplay of gladiators.

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter mod

Download Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter mod – Fight to assert yourself

Battlefield of Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter you will be a female gladiator. You will have to fight other girls to win your own glory. Take down all opponents to win and crush them in the match. In order to have smooth and smooth controls, you will have to get used to it through practice matches. Use the virtual joystick to move around the ring. Use the buttons to punch, kick and jump to strike your opponent. The buttons will be arranged in a reasonable way for you to comfortably control and fight. Practice well to create combos in combat. Helps you to deal more damage to your opponent.

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter mod download

Lots of spoiled girls

You can choose from a lot of girls to fight in Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter. Each girl will have an appearance and a unique personality. They are very strong and ready to fight like men. They will solve their problems with their fists on the ring. Competing against each other on the floor to confirm their own abilities and vent their anger on the opponent. You can own these girls by unlocking them with earned coins. Choose for yourself a favorite girl and help them win their opponents. Make your gladiator collection diverse but colorful. A lot of strong girls are waiting for you.

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter mod apk

Interesting plot mode

In this story mode, you can learn about the girls’ social life. They have their own club full of naughty and powerful girls. Each person has his or her own story, their troubles in life. How they deal with personal feuds with fiery duels. A world of strong women makes men wary, too. Each time you clash with each other in each situation of the storyline you will have to fight. Immediately will be transferred to the stands and the duel will begin. Let’s explore the interesting story behind who these girls are. Why did they become such strong people?

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter mod free

Knockout mode

In this mode, you will have to fight really carefully with your opponent. If you are beaten by the opponent Knockout will have no second chance and lose the match. This is the mode for players who have mastered fighting skills. Just one loophole will cost you dearly. Try to control the fighting character and do not reveal any loopholes. Formulate well-crafted strategies to hit your opponent’s weaknesses. Just one Knockout you will be the winner and get the reward. When you win this mode, you will get points plus the strength, fighting intensity, and excitement of the girls in the gym.

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter mod apk free

Daily rewards are important to your progress in Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter. Complete the daily quests set by the game to get more bonus points. You can also watch videos so that you can get bonus points by watching videos every day. These bonus points can be used to enhance your girls’ strength, accuracy, and speed. Make your girls stronger and stronger. Download Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter mod to unleash owning spoiled girls. Help them fight for glorious victories.

How to Download & Install Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter MOD APK (High Gold, character unlocked) for Android


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