Impostor Mission MOD APK 1.9 (Unlocked)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameImpostor Mission APK
PublisherGreat Arcade Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

1. Unlock weapon
2. Unlock skin
3. No ads

Impostor Mission is a fun and exciting puzzle game. Become an impostor and destroy the enemy, and rescue your teammates safely. The game goes by levels, and each level has certain difficulties. Of course, on the way the player moves, there will be gold coins. They are arranged in different shapes. Besides having to destroy the enemy in front, players can enlist to collect these gold coins. Just let the player character touch it and it will disappear and belong to you. The challenge of the game is also extremely diverse in each different screen.

The main requirement of the level is that you must kill other fakers. There are many ways to destroy them, and you have to combine these ways. As long as you end up killing those fakers by dropping their heads. When they were decapitated, a pass was dropped. This pass is small in size and gray with blue text on it. Collect enough of these cards to unlock the final door. The door to the next level is shaped like a gray cylinder with a blue bar. Stepping through this is completing a quest and a level.

Impostor Mission mod

Download Impostor Mission mod – Become a fake to destroy all crew members

Controlling this character is relatively simple and easy for all ages. In the two corners of the screen, there are arrows made of translucent white. On the left is the arrow that controls the character to move left and right. On the right side is an arrow pointing up to control the character to jump up. There is a smaller icon with a cross when encountering an enemy. Players touch this icon to kill those who stand in the way. Every impersonator slashed had his head cut off or his body severed. Blood splattered everywhere, along with body parts rolling. If the player dies by accident, the player will start over from the starting area of that level.

Impostor Mission mod apk

Change your appearance

When the player passes the level, there are skins that are included. Or beautiful skins can be purchased with the amount of gold and diamonds the player earns. They are designed to be diverse and extremely beautiful. There is an image of an astronaut with a full red body holding a carving knife. Or the character from the movie Squid Game wearing a red jumpsuit. The character’s hand is holding a gun and wearing an X-shaped mask. Or still the same astronaut but wearing a white doctor’s blouse. It can be as simple as wearing a hoodie and a mask that covers the face. The main color of the characters is full body red.

Impostor Mission apk

Change weapon

As mentioned earlier, characters can unlock a variety of attacks. From changing weapons, players can completely transform their actions to destroy the enemy. The weapon system is also designed to be extremely diverse. In addition to carving knives, sharp knives, or fruit knives. Here is also the shield of the red superhero. Or the yellow sword, the gray gun. There is also a falling wing-shaped dart that can fly back to the player. Sharp hammer or ax. Depending on how the player wants to equip his character, he can enter the changing area to bring it.

Impostor Mission apk free

Various challenges

Each level of Impostor Mission brings with it certain difficult challenges. In addition to the main requirements of the game screen, the player also has to overcome obstacles on the road. There are pitfalls, such as a puddle of green poison, cogwheels blocking the way, etc. Or when in the high area, there are holes and abysses that just stumble and fall. There are also stages where you have to collect enough green KILLER letters that appear on the way. Or have to destroy the policemen that appear in your way. Rescue a teammate immersed in a cylindrical box filled with green liquid.

Impostor Mission android

When passing a certain number of levels, the player will be rewarded with an extra play. In this game, the character will step on a spaceship and fly into space. There are only gold coins here, and players just need to collect it without having to pay attention to those who stand in the way. There are also supporting components in the form of attachments. For example, bring a magnet so that they automatically attract money that you do not need to collect. Download Impostor Mission mod to explore challenging journeys in the form of a full-body red fake sailor.

Download Impostor Mission MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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