Cops Vs Robbers MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode, dumb enemy) 1.126

Updated on 11/03/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameCops Vs Robbers APK
PublisherAeria Canada
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/God mode, dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Cops Vs Robbers MOD APK Infomation
  • V1: God mode, dumb enemy
  • V2: Unlimited money/Unlocked weapons

If I told you there was a game that possessed the graphics of a normal survival game. But bring elements of anti-gun shooting, do you believe it. Trust me because I’m going to show you Cops Vs Robbers. That means the police are dealing with crime. Exactly, this game is about the endless war between the two forces. Has made the legal chaoses are Police and Crime. In this crazy war, there is no law in the middle of the dungeon. Therefore all will become extremely uncontrollable and most brutal.

In this outlaw game, players will be given the role of prison escape prisoners. And have to face the pursuit of the police when they receive the news. Can not be weak and run away forever. You have to stand up, fight and destroy them all. To ensure his illegal existence. Equip yourself with guns to slaughter all enemies who dare to chase us. A special feature is that the game’s graphics are inspired by the famous survival game Minecraft. With around the world designed in square blocks.

CopsVRobbers mod apk

Download Cops Vs Robbers mod – When laws no longer exist

In this chaotic and scary world. You cannot run away from the police sight forever. So why not destroy them and live comfortably? The levels in Cops Vs Robbers are vital games between the police and criminals. Each character will be summoned anywhere on the map. Nothing in his hand. Your job is to explore around the map. Surely you must hide temporarily to avoid dangerous enemies if you have nothing in your hand. Keep exploring until you find the right gun and the right magazine. That is when you no longer fear anyone.

Most of the weapons scattered throughout the map have enough numbers for all players to pick up and use. The game screen will put 2 sides in a key mission. Destroy the majority or thoroughly the enemy side to win. This doesn’t just create the familiar sneaky element. But you also have to combine tactics with allies. Create a formation to easily deal with the enemy. It is easy to see that the rules of the Cops Vs Robbers game are inspired by the Counter-Strike series quite a lot.

CopsVRobbers mod

Intuitive interface

In terms of play interface, it is more correct to say that when fighting in Cops Vs Robbers there is no need to explain too much. It has all the points and a must-have first-person shooter game. From shooting buttons, aiming, changing bullets, changing weapons. Until the Joystick moves smoothly. The same blood bar with the heart icon in Minecraft is quite interesting. The magazine bar shows the number of bullets available. The map covers the entire target in your field of vision. Each game will love a certain time for the two sides to perform the task. Obviously, if one side kills all the members of the other side, it wins.

CopsVRobbers mod free

The weapons are no stranger

Weapons are prototypes of real military weapons. There is no element of fiction here. Is it possible that the chaos of a world without laws is fiction here? Return to the arsenal in Cops Vs Robbers. They are scattered around the map of the level. With many weapons with different uses, the damage is also different. There is a different distance between rifles, shotguns, shotguns, or machine guns. Depending on the familiarity and you can use them flexibly. Become unbeaten through the craziest matches. Then the defeat of dozens of police officers is not too big a problem.

CopsVRobbers mod apk free

Upgrade character’s fitness

Just like in Minecraft. You need a powerful weapon, solid armor, and support items. New can confront many dangerous monsters. Then in Cops Vs Robbers is the same thing. Character upgrades include damage, armor, and movement speed. They may seem small, but the effect is completely unexpected. You can hold multiple shots with more armor. Can escape and chase enemies at a faster speed. Take them down with higher damage. Actually, these upgrades are extremely useful for you to become one of the skilled players.

CopsVRobbers mod mod

This is one of the most unique types of shooters that I and you probably see for the first time. Not in the gameplay with the creative variation. It is a combination and integration of survival elements from the legendary Minecraft game. Square but not boring graphics and one color. I’m sure this will be a one-of-a-kind shooting experience that you can try. Then download for free now, because the Cops Vs Robbers mod is waiting for you to conquer the most difficult challenges. In addition, FortFight Battle Royale Shooting Survival 3D, Knight Warriors also offers dramatic action levels.

Download Cops Vs Robbers MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode, dumb enemy) for Android

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