FortFight Battle Royale Shooting Survival 3D MOD APK (Immortal/Dumb enemy) 2.9

Updated on 25/05/2021 (2 years ago)
NameFortFight Battle Royale Shooting Survival 3D APK
PublisherGood Action Games
MOD FeaturesImmortal/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Behind the huge success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The world video game industry has been changing for a while. That is Battle Royale. Along with that is a series of games of the same genre born, including FortFight Battle Royale. To make it easy to understand, Battle Royale is a game genre with the theme of shooting and survival. In it the players, are also the characters. Travel with 99 other people on a flight to an uninhabited island. All will land on that island in different locations. Start your journey to eliminate others and become the number one gunman.

Although only debuting in 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ appeal in particular and the Battle Royale genre, in general, have captured the hearts of gamers around the world. We see gamers playing them everywhere, landing on an island together. Go around looking for weapons and ammunition. Find and destroy opponents who share the same goal. Close the gap with other players and fight to be the only survivor. That was the inspiration for FortFight Battle Royale to be born.

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Download FortFight Battle Royale mod – Survive to the last minute

FortFight Battle Royale is a Battle Royale game released recently by Good Action Games. Inspired by the game Fortnite, another Battle Royale game that is extremely popular in the world. Streamed on popular platforms every day such as Twitch, Youtube Gaming … Capture from Fortnite’s success factors, FortFight Battle Royale was born as a shortened version to be accessible to games. players cannot experience the original hit game. If you don’t have a powerful PC set up, you don’t have a lot of time to use them. Try this game because it is integrated on the mobile platform, so it is easy to experience with those who own a smartphone.

With the gameplay similar to the previous games, FortFight Battle Royale takes you to a deserted island with 99 other people. All will spread out everywhere on the island, collecting the necessary weapons. They are meant for encounters with any other player on the map, you have to destroy them. Grab the necessary weapons, and continue the game stealthily. Until you defeat the last player you meet. Become the only player to survive on this fierce battlefield.

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Stealth factor

Because the island terrain in the game is extremely wide, even up to 100 people will be difficult to meet if you do not move to other areas. And you need to move to another area if you want to encounter more opponents. Defeat them and take the necessary weapons and equipment. Gradually reach the destination of the game when the map is only a handful of people are indicated on the screen. Use your marksmanship to take them down from afar. You can meet people of goodwill who want to accompany us until there are only 2 people on the map. Then fight each other to decide who is the last survivor.

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Transform into whatever character you want

The character system in FortFight Battle Royale includes many classes for you to choose your identity. You can be a sniper, an assassin, a weapons expert, and a lot of looks that you can put on yourself. Enjoy walking around the large map with different looks. But mainly the top marksman marks. Helps you to improve your reflexes and move your hands smoother when using a gun to aim and shoot.

FortFight mod free

Join the battlefield with your teammates

It will be boring when we can only join this war alone. So what if we skydive with one or two of our friends? Try multiplayer mode and you will be teamed up with friends, powerful teammates. They will join us on the adventure and destroy the others. If you lack basic necessities there will be people you provide for you. If you get shot, they will protect and save you to continue the journey. Together the team will surpass everyone and become the only survivor squad. The champions will always have teammates by their side.

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However, there are still many shortcomings in the development process. Along with mid-range graphics are not too shimmering or magical. FortFight Battle Royale is still trying its best to bring great experiences for players. The game will be a solution for those who cannot afford to enjoy mainstream games on PC. Along with a good sign that the game will continue to grow in the future. Download FortFight Battle Royale and become the last survivor with your teammates.

Download FortFight Battle Royale Shooting Survival 3D MOD APK (Immortal/Dumb enemy) for Android

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