Fantasy Journey MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode) 1.0.12

Updated 02/10/2023 (10 months ago)
NameFantasy Journey APK
PublisherCrazy Panda FZCO
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Fantasy Journey MOD APK detail?


  1. Unlimited Crystal
  2. Unlimited Hero Orb
  3. God Mode

Introduce MOD APK Fantasy Journey

Fantasy Journey is an engaging 2D animated action game. An epic adventure unfolds that plunges you into a fantasy world. This place was in chaos and filled with enemies appearing everywhere. But new challenges arouse the aggressiveness of players. From there, players will have confidence in their ability to handle the enemies standing in front of you. Enter the historic war that happened many centuries ago. At that time, the most powerful heroes in history had a fierce battle with evil demons. And they successfully locked these corrupters inside the Holy Island. But the peaceful time did not last long.

These evil demons took the power of time, broke the chains and escaped. Because everyone thinks these demons will never come out again. So the heroes of the past retired and scattered everywhere. In this guarded place, only you are the last hero. Realizing that the omen was not good, you quickly grasped the situation. Now your main task is to destroy all the demons. At the same time, it prevent them from disrupting the peaceful life in the kingdom. Players can also search for and call new heroes. They have the ability to join your team against the demons.

Fantasy Journey apk free

Download Fantasy Journey mod – Destroy all the demons who escaped from Hon Thanh prison.

You must move your hand around the screen to control the character. Get your hero closest to the enemy’s location, then your weapon will automatically attack the nearby one. After defeating the monster, you can get experience level up. This gives players access to new opportunities and skills. Filling the black horizontal bar on the screen with yellow means that the requirements of the game screen have been completed. The player needs to monitor the character’s health when the fight is going on. Need to adjust the time to match your ability. If you don’t kill enough monsters before the timer runs out, you lose.

Fantasy Journey android

Hero Unlock

The hero system is designed in a highly eye-catching cartoon style. When earning enough items and necessary money, unlocking new characters is not far away. Each hero possesses a certain skill that is not the same. Besides, their costumes and attack styles are also different. The knight with a star-shaped scar on one eye has an iron claw as his main weapon. Or the knight in red armor with fire-type powers. There was also a red-haired magician with a cold face whose main weapon was a staff. There’s also a female musician whose main weapon is a harp that emits shrill sounds.

Fantasy Journey apk

Fight the boss

As a group of monsters, it is impossible not to mention the top boss bosses. They are usually the ones who command and lead their army to attack the hero. These boss monsters have super strength with huge bodies. They also possess special skills that you can hardly deal with. Like a mutant king snake covered with gold jewelry, it releases a poisonous smoke that affects you each time. Or the god of the sea, but was bewildered and on the side of the bad guys to attack the heroes. There is also a very cute squirrel, but next to that cute face is a broken soul and always destroys humanity.

Fantasy Journey mod apk


As mentioned above, each hero has a weapon that favors their strength. Players only need to be proficient in using it to be able to promote the full power that the weapon contains. For example, a musician’s pipa emits sound waves. They form a circle that any monster that passes through will be damaged. Or the knight’s claws can make giant slashes. It can affect and reduce the health of monsters quickly. For example, the sword, the most specialized weapon, can also cut down extremely strong damage.

Fantasy Journey mod

Players can also equip items for their heroes. Upgrade the finished products from weapons to costumes to increase the player’s stats. Each attack can destroy more than the allowed number of youkai. From there, receive rewards commensurate with existing capacity. More skill cards help a lot in battles. Download Fantasy Journey mod to discover the cards that help you destroy the evil demons hiding from the Holy Island.

How to Download & Install Fantasy Journey MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode) for Android


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