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Updated 26/10/2023 (4 months ago)
NameNine Nights APK
PublisherLI HUI
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SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Nine Nights

Nine Nights MOD APK – is a place where you will freely slash everyone who dares to attack you with sharp blades and scary hidden weapons. Actual combat elements, such as physical abilities in attacks and jumping, will be based on reality. Play as a man hunted and wanted by a mighty organization and become a strong soloist on your escape journey. You will be alone and fight against dozens of pursuers with superior martial arts skills that are not much inferior to you. There will be no room for failure because only for yourself; failure means death and the end of this journey.

It is a popular classic action genre where the main character has extraordinary strength and must fight against dozens of others without outside help. It would be best to exploit the full power and potential of the main character’s techniques to go further in the quest to find the truth. In addition to enemies, you also need to pay attention to overcome dangerous obstacles skillfully. Control the things that create the land with countless super special powers beyond the capabilities of ordinary people. Be prepared for a challenging and stormy journey as you venture through dangerous places.

Nine Nights mod apk free

Download Nine Nights MOD APK – Rediscover the honor of the powerful ninja

Many powerful assassins have appeared throughout history, but ninjas can be considered the most potent and cannot be underestimated. They are solid and cold-blooded assassins, ruthless and acting in the shadows. They rarely leave traces and can assassinate anyone requested. Although each ninja is powerful, there are still some genuinely outstanding disciples who possess extraordinary talents. You will control such a character in the game, but he is misunderstood and forced to fight to find out the truth.

Nine Nights mod free

Baptize a talented shinobi

That is the character you will control; he is a human being with extraordinary fighting skills and the ability to use highly creative weapons. He is super-assassin Ci Lang, an extremely famous character worldwide. However, one day, he suddenly was wanted by the Jizo organization. Before you knew what was happening, you became prey hunted by top assassins. With no choice left, you are forced to stand up to fight against those looking for you to get the bonus. You must win every battle or be destroyed by your enemies.

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Scary enemies

Although the people chasing you may not be as strong as you, each of them is an assassination expert, and their number is enormous. They will come in different groups, and your foot attacks will be more effective in destroying their defenses. Use selective attacks because they will be more effective when attacking burrowing enemies. Enemies taller than you must jump up to shoot to deal more damage. However, the most complex people to deal with are still the bosses. Find their weak points quickly and destroy them before you no longer have the strength to fight back.

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Interesting features

Fighting is the main thing you will do in the game, so the effects of each attack and skill will be highly satisfying to the player’s eyes. However, this is a long journey, and you must do many things other than fighting to win. There will be exciting interactions with the environment, such as swimming, rope climbing, high jumping, and countless other exciting things. These features will depend on the terrain of each place you go through. It’s like a break to prepare yourself for more challenging battles in the future. In addition, you will chat with many characters and pay attention to these conversations because they are essential.

Nine Nights mod apk

Overcome obstacles

Enemies will be the biggest obstacle you need to overcome, but many other things will hinder you on the way. The floating stairs with the bottomless pit below will require you to be very skillful to pass. Terrifying things like unexpected traps can kill you at any time. Overcome all obstacles and regain honor at Nine Nights MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Nine Nights APK for Android


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