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Updated 31/03/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameColor Fan APK
PublisherCasual World Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked Vip
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Color Fan

Color Fan MOD APK is where you can show off your drawing talent at challenges. You can enjoy peaceful and relaxing times in the new world. This place provides many pictures, but they are not completely complete. Those are anime-style pictures, and your task is to colour them. So, if you are passionate about painting, you can go in to practice your skills. And you can also learn about colour paintings and the diverse world of anime. Get ready for missions using colours to paint anime pictures.

Your task is to click on the screen to start colouring the pictures. They will be divided into random parts, filling each number in. So, you must find the number matching the corresponding colour to colour and complete the picture. That way, you will get finished pictures with different colours. In the initial levels, you will be guided through operations to get used to the colouring process. They will help you have enough knowledge about how to play to conquer higher levels. Start exploring the world of anime by colouring pictures with your artistic talent.

Color Fan mod

Download Color Fan MOD APK – Enjoy entertaining moments while colouring

You will join the anime world and start your exciting adventure journey here. And on your journeys, you will encounter pictures of the characters of this world. Or they can describe strange animals that only exist in the artist’s imagination to you. All are shown in the pictures but are still a work in progress. So when you come into contact with them, you will be the one to complete the task of colouring them. By choosing the colours according to the numbers, you will begin to colour the picture. Take part in colouring levels for each picture and show off your colour-matching talent.

Color Fan apk

Diverse paintings

The pictures to be painted will be divided into parts, and they will also be individually numbered. So your colouring process will go faster and easier. You can follow the instructions at the basic levels to become familiar with the operations. But at more challenging levels, the number of parts you must fill will become more numerous and harder to find. They will be classified in the picture collection, and you can visit to explore. So you can choose pictures of people, animals or styles to colour. Explore different types of paintings and start your colouring process in the Color Fan MOD APK.

Color Fan mod apk

Relax during the colouring process

You will choose the picture you want to paint when opening the Anime World collection. At that time, sounds will also play for you to relax during the colouring stages. To find the parts that need to be painted, you must compare the numbers with the colour chart. This challenges your eye ability as well as your meticulousness while colouring. So, when you successfully find a place to colour, you can relax and enjoy completing your painting. In addition, you will also develop your creative and artistic talents at all levels. Enjoy relaxing moments with soothing sounds combined with painting challenges.

Color Fan free

Connect with friends

In addition to solving puzzles and painting pictures, you can connect with people around you. They will be people with the same passion for using colours to colour photos as you do. And they also want someone to accompany them on their journeys to explore the anime world. So, at painting levels, you can connect with them to share your moments. They include beautiful pictures of characters or scenes that you’ve painted. If you want to describe your colouring process, you can replay the video for your friends. Connect with people who share your passion for colouring through the images and videos you have.

Color Fan android

You will experience the challenges of colouring each picture you get in the new world. This is the world of anime; you will see works of people and landscapes. However, the special thing is that those paintings have not yet been completed in colour. So, when you own them, you will use the colours provided to start the colouring task. During that process, you can feel your mind relaxing and resting. This will become easier when you connect and share your achievements with friends. Download Color Fan MOD APK to explore the challenge of colouring anime pictures.

How to Download & Install Color Fan MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Vip) for Android


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