Cookie Cats Blast MOD APK 1.33.5 (Unlimited money, keys)

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NameCookie Cats Blast APK
PublisherTactile Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, keys
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Cookie Cats Blast pets have exciting stories to share with you. Let’s go with them on their adventure to places with lots of fun. Take on tough puzzle challenges to solve tricky situations. Help your friends create unique, fun situations. Your intelligence in this game is the essential thing to complete the goal. Know how to use it to bring about the best achievements. Prove to everyone that you will be just as unique as everyone else.

Puzzles have always been a genre that makes us work hard to complete challenges. Cookie Cats Blast is one of those fun options suitable for all ages. Although it has a puzzle style, it does not create tremendous pressure. Soft music combined with animated animations. All create an excellent multi-color environment for you to experience. Exercise your mind every day with these activities. There is no need to look for things that can make you tired and frustrated when playing.

Cookie Cats Blast mod

Download Cookie Cats Blast mod – Adventure in the world of pets

In your neighborhood suddenly appeared an extremely suspicious stranger. He has a plan to steal the critical data you have. Help your friends Belle, Ziggy, Smokey, and Rita keep this cookie safe. To find clues about the stranger, complete the levels given. You will have to choose the same items in these levels and combine them. Each group has a requirement of objectives that you need to collect. After you satisfy the requirements of your pet friend, you will win. Note that the number of moves will be limited, so you need to make the most of it.

Unleash the power

In the game screen, when destroying many similar tiles simultaneously, they will combine. Form rockets waiting to be unleashed from your hands. To release these rockets, you need to create rockets identical to them. Once the missiles are activated, they will destroy many playing fields. Helps you to collect a large number of items that exist above it. Quickly complete the goal and make the pets full. At the same time, your bonus points will also be leveled up many times, and you quickly get three achievement stars. Move intelligently to do everything in the best way.

Cookie Cats Blast mod free

Explore the new world

The world of pets is divided into hundreds of different levels spread out. Each situation will correspond to a level that you need to pass. We will see a new theme appear with other characters at each stage. You will meet them and see if something new is about to happen to you. The difficulty from the challenges will increase day by day and make you think more. The same items will not be so many as before. To play the best, it is necessary to calculate the possibilities. Make the most profitable moves to reap the most wealth for yourself.

Cookie Cats Blast mod android

Create combos

Creating combos will be highly beneficial for getting an even higher achievement. For example, a game screen will have the highest rating of three stars to prove your ability. Next to it is an energy bar used to measure the number of extra points you can create. For example, if you destroy multiple tiles at once, the score on the mana bar is increased. Help you quickly reach higher milestones to improve your score. Depending on the level of the game, achieving three stars can be easier or more difficult. It also depends partly on luck in your moves with surprises created. The more levels with three stars, the better achievements you have.

Cookie Cats Blast mod apk

Share to your friends

Do your loved ones play this game? If they have, quickly connect to your social media accounts. A list of players with you will be displayed based on the distance they have reached. At the levels where they are stopped, you will see the avatar said. Each person’s performance is evaluated based on the number of stars on the leaderboard. If you are standing below them, work harder to match or surpass them. Nothing is too complicated as we strive to get better results in Cookie Cats Blast mod.

Download Cookie Cats Blast MOD APK (Unlimited money, keys) for Android

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