Secret House MOD APK (Unlimited money, boosters) 1.1.4

Updated 23/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameSecret House APK
PublisherFlash, Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, boosters
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Secret House

From the early match-3 puzzle games, it is hard to imagine that it is still trendy among gamers today. Part is childhood and nostalgia. The other part exchanges and add many interesting things into the game. I am talking about Secret House, a match-3 puzzle product, but it is a whole world of magic. Join the little witch MoMo and her companions. Uncover the mystery of the large mansion. Then build and develop it into a crowded and bustling place. Life here would be boring without a lot of beauty.

This is a unique combination of developers for puzzle games. Match-3 puzzles are interspersed with elements of exploration, construction, and story expansion. Specifically, in Secret House, we will follow MoMo and friends. Learn about the history of the giant mansion. Then find ways to renovate it to build more great services. Going from one level to another will be exciting new stories and events.

Secret House mod

Download Secret House mod – Complete unfinished stories

Because it is based on match-3 puzzles, throughout the game, there will be colorful jigsaw puzzles. The rules of the game seem to be too familiar and need not be mentioned too much. Just create a row of 3 or more symbols to accumulate points. Depending on the requirements of the game screen, you will have to collect many different things. Match-3 puzzles require players to have good agility. Observe every position for maximum advantage. Above all, complete the level when there are still many moves. This will help you to accumulate more points.

Parallel to the puzzle game screen is the adventure of the characters. MoMo and her friends decide to uncover the mystery of a large mansion. It contains many interesting stories about the history and value of this place. So that everyone together will make this place more beautiful. Provide many interesting services so people can pay attention and visit it. This is a renovation process that will take a lot of effort and gray matter. In return, you will have many good memories to keep with this game. Now let’s start with the first adventures.

Secret House mod free

Meet the main characters

Throughout the game, we will meet each special character. The condition is to complete the puzzle and unlock a certain location. Sometimes they appear when we have completed the task. Sometimes it suddenly appears without any prior notice. They are mysterious characters with special magical powers. It will sometimes accompany or prevent you from doing your jobs. Maybe they have something to do with that old mansion. The deeper we go into the story, the more interesting and interesting details can be felt.

Secret House mod apk

Renovating and redecorating the villa

This villa needs a lot of work and time to complete. Because of it, it needs the help of a lot of different characters in the game. You will witness their solidarity in the renovation of the villa. Clean up dust stains and cobwebs that have existed for a long time. Change the interior of the house with brand new objects. Turn the floors into lots of fun places like cafes, bakeries, and reading rooms. All will be done after you complete the assigned puzzles. Things will gradually change until you achieve many achievements and complete the entire villa.

Secret House mod apk free

Customization of puzzles

The puzzles will increase in difficulty in the higher levels. The goal is to keep the game from becoming too boring. There are still many challenges for you to conquer and win unexpected gifts. Not only simply implementing the gameplay, but the rules will also be changed based on the difficulty of that level. For example, if you land a line of 4 or 5 instead of 3, you will get a fascinating special effect. Secret House gives you a lot of opportunities to complete the level easily. The most attractive are still the stories that we have always been waiting for.

Secret House free

The change so that the puzzle game is still popular is no longer a surprise. We have experienced many famous games like Candy Crush already. But Secret House will be a unique breath of fresh air for everyone. Immerse yourself in your group’s stories. Uncover the mystery behind the large mansion. Do everything to renovate it to make it more beautiful. Secret House mod deserves to be a game with the most special and attractive combination.

How to Download & Install Secret House MOD APK (Unlimited money, boosters) for Android


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