Match Tile 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters) 325.47.0

Updated 19/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameMatch Tile 3D APK
PublisherLion Studios Plus
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Boosters
SupportAndroid 8.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Match Tile 3D

Match Tile 3D MOD APK challenges you in levels to find and arrange similar objects. You will participate in missions to find items and put them in boxes to clear them. And those will be the puzzles you must overcome with your puzzle-solving talent. But even though it’s a puzzle, finding objects is difficult because of their 3D shape. So you will experience different levels and challenge your abilities. And when you win, you will also train your mind in solving puzzles. Get ready to enter the world of puzzles with the task of finding and clearing 3D objects.

Your task in puzzle missions in the 3D world is to find similar objects. With realistic design, your puzzle experiences will become more enjoyable than ever. So you can also easily find things and put them in boxes to delete them. However, to do that, you need to find three or more similar things. They’re also placed on each other out of order, so you must turn all the items around. Then, you will feel the fun of touching different objects. Start your puzzle challenges and try your hand at challenging levels.

Match Tile 3D mod

Download Match Tile 3D MOD APK – Conquer fascinating puzzle missions

You can prove your puzzle-solving skills as you begin challenging levels. There, you will see many different items designed with 3D shapes. And they will bring you exciting feelings during the stressful puzzle process. But when you start the puzzles, you will see how interesting they are. The objects will be gathered in one place, and you must find and arrange them in pairs in the empty boxes. Then, the things will disappear, and you can complete your puzzle mission. Explore object puzzle levels and experience different challenges.

Match Tile 3D apk

3D objects

The objects you come into contact with will have different shapes and sizes. And in puzzle missions, you will discover other things according to the level. Their number will be small in the initial levels, so you can easily get used to solving puzzles. There, you will also receive instructions to learn how to find different objects. When unlocking more difficult levels, the number of things will increase, making it more difficult to pass. So, you need to be alert in tasks and find ways to solve puzzles as quickly as possible. Collect 3D objects in challenging puzzle levels in Match Tile 3D MOD APK.

Match Tile 3D mod apk

Explore levels

It would be best to fill the empty boxes with the same objects you find in the levels. Then, they will disappear, and you will receive points as a reward for yourself. But you must observe everything and try to find them to complete the puzzle. There will be many objects with the same shape but placed in random positions. And every time you find and delete old objects, hidden objects will appear. They will continue to do so throughout the levels so you can continuously discover items. Experience hidden object missions in levels and relax while solving puzzles.

Match Tile 3D free

Enjoy relaxing moments

When you start solving the puzzle, you will be limited by time, so you need to solve the puzzle quickly. In the initial levels, solving puzzles will be straightforward because the number of items is few. So you need to remember the locations of the items and find them to put in the empty boxes. But besides the things that appear outside, there will be hidden objects deep inside. To find them, you need to find shielding items and remove them. It is an exciting process, and you can enjoy this relaxing process. Train your brain and your puzzle-solving ability to enjoy exciting puzzles.

Match Tile 3D android

You will see items designed in fun and cute 3D shapes. And with increasing levels, new items will appear for you to explore. Compared to the original stories, the new stories will be three times more difficult. Besides, the number of boxes for you to find and arrange objects has also been increased so you can quickly solve the puzzle. However, the number of things is vast, and the puzzle levels will have a time limit. So, you must be quick and explore as many levels as possible. Download Match Tile 3D MOD APK to relax and challenge your puzzle-solving skills in finding object missions.

How to Download & Install Match Tile 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters) for Android


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