Wonder Merge MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.4.21

Updated 12/05/2024 (1 month ago)
NameWonder Merge APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Wonder Merge MOD APK detail?
  • V1: Unlimited Money
  • V2 Mod Menu
  1. +1000 Diamonds
  2. +1000 Pearls
  3. +1000 Gold

After clicking the function, you need to use the corresponding currency once to refresh the value

Introduce MOD APK Wonder Merge

Setting foot in the wonderland is no longer a difficult thing because now you have Wonder Merge. This is a puzzle game with adorable and beautiful graphics. The wonderland in Wonder Merge is filled with warm spring colors. There are many wonderful flowers and animals here. There are beautiful spring fairies much magic. Heaven on high can make you fall in love.

Since childhood, we have always dreamed of setting foot in the fairy world one day. Even when growing up, people still think about it every day with all the pressures of daily life. Wishing to a beautiful world full of life. A place where people don’t have to work and worry. Who wouldn’t want such a world? Therefore, CookApps has created the wonderland of Wonder Merge to meet the aspirations of players.

Wonder Merge mod android

Download Wonder Merge mod – Create a beautiful wonderland

Sky Meadow wonderland has existed and developed wonderfully for centuries. However, the inhabitants there are increasingly changing. They no longer love, care, and protect the land of Sky Meadow. Instead, there is destruction and neglect. That’s why the beautiful Sky Meadow has turned into a land of ice and death. Your presence is the savior to help heal this small world.

Wonder Merge mod free

The game has the cutest graphics.

Coming to the land of Sky Meadow, players will be overwhelmed by the scenery here. As the land that you explore and awaken expands, more and more creatures will appear. The creatures and summoned beasts all have charming shapes. The mascots will fly high and play together. Below are hundreds of flowers in bloom, along with an array of glittering gems and treasure chests. All create a picture of a beautiful paradise land. Make everyone’s heart fall in love.

Wonder Merge mod apk

Revitalize the land of paradise

The player’s task in Wonder Merge is to help the spring fairy revive the deadlands. By connecting the tiny creatures left on the ground together, we will create miracles. It takes a minimum of three identical creatures to bond. The little creatures are cute little plants and flowers. When re-linked, they will evolve into a larger shape than their old form. Note that linking living creatures with creatures of the same type on the dead land will help the land come back to life. This is the link of life.

Wonder Merge modapk

In addition to reviving the creatures, the player needs to awaken the summoned beasts. The beast is the symbol of the fairyland. Merge eggs to help you collect these little animals. The summoned beasts of Sky Meadow are shaped like animals on the earth, such as reindeer, pigs, rabbits, dragons… Only they can fly and have magic. When a spirit appears, double-tap the tree you have merged. The little summoned beast will release the power of life. It helps restore dead, barren land and return life to the creatures living on that land.

Wonder Merge mod

Unity and development

The fusion and evolution of all things in the fairy world Sky Meadow is endless. Creatures and summoned beasts can evolve, but statues, vitality gems, etc., can. It is impossible to imagine how many forms they all have after transforming. The power of fairy magic gave them countless magical forms. The more creatures you merge, the bigger and more beautiful the summoned beasts become. Besides, they will help you explore a lot of dead or frozen lands. Sky Meadow wonderland is gradually returning to the beautiful as before under your hands.

Wonder Merge mod download

Awaken the forgotten statues

In Sky Meadow, there are not only ice and dead land but also forgotten statues. They stood still and dark because all their energy had been stolen. Show your mastery of the puzzle game and make lots of merge sequences. Awaken ancient statues and bring them back to life. In the game Wonder Merge, there are also treasure chests waiting to be activated. Collect Mana stones and fill up the treasure gauge. The treasure barrier will automatically disappear after that.

Wonder Merge apk android

The land of Sky Meadow is really an attractive paradise. A place where you can relax and recharge after a long tiring day. Download now the Wonder Merge mod to explore the land of lovely magical creatures. Through the puzzle game, players will admire the power of magical spells.

How to Download & Install Wonder Merge MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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