Zombie Night Terror APK 1.6.3

Updated 11/08/2023 (8 months ago)
NameZombie Night Terror APK
PublisherPID Games
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror MOD APK gives you the experience of becoming the head of the zombies. You will become the bringer of the disaster of your world with cruel armies. Those are bloodthirsty zombies, and they will not attack but obey your commands. So you will lead the zombie army and create the apocalypse for the world. But even though humans are terrified by the appearance of zombies, they will try to defend themselves. And to destroy the world, you need to lead the zombies strategically. Destroy the world with the ability to lead an army of zombies and assimilate all humans.

You will be the only one with wisdom in an army with particular members. And when you lead them, you will realize they are zombies who destroy the world. But they do not attack you; on the contrary, it will become a companion to fight with them. So you can destroy everything in the world and lead humanity to the end of the world. However, humans will try to fight back, and you need to upgrade your zombie army. You can also increase the number of zombies by assimilating those you encounter. Lead an army of brutal zombies and embark on a journey to bring the apocalypse to the world.

Zombie Night Terror android

Download Zombie Night Terror MOD APK – Rule the whole world with your army of undead

Being the leader of a large army will be a challenge for you. And in a new world, it will be even more special when the team members are zombies. You are the intellectual in this party, so that zombies will obey your orders. So you will be performing assimilating attacks and destroying the entire world. And you will join your army of zombies towards the humans and begin to attack. So you are the one to create world-destroying catastrophes while leading the undead. Explore the challenge of leading an army of cold-blooded zombies to attack humans and destroy the world.

Zombie Night Terror apk

Assimilate all living things

You are the leader of the army of the undead, so now you will be the enemy of the entire world. So you have to assimilate all living creatures to have a mighty army. The zombies will help you bite the target and transfer bacteria into the victim’s body. Therefore, you will gain new forces when successfully destroying humans. However, only when biting on the neck will the victims that the zombie’s bite are assimilated. So you need to perform the correct tricks to achieve your goal. Assemble every creature with your army of zombies in Zombie Night Terror MOD APK.

Zombie Night Terror mod apk

Mutant system

Humanity knows it will face a brutal army of the undead led by you. So they will do everything to protect their hope of survival against catastrophic wars. And it would be best to increase the power of zombies to overcome the strong defences. Therefore you will use the mutation system to create more powerful zombies. Your zombies will then gain new abilities and help you destroy the humans. However, it would be best to be careful when picking up zombies because this can bring risks. Create many powerful zombie forces so that you can successfully destroy the world.

Zombie Night Terror free

Destroy all environments

You will lead a mighty army of zombies to attack every land and sow terror. And at this apocalyptic time, you must destroy all humans to accomplish the goal. They will hide in different areas; you only need to hunt them down. But you get a massive army of zombies, and destroying everything will be very simple. So you will use the power of this massive force to destroy the lands. And when humans have nowhere to hide, they will despair at your attacks. Spread horrifying haunts to the human world with your ability to control zombies.

Zombie Night Terror mod

Becoming the leader of the zombie army will be a new experience for you. And since then, you have become the enemy humanity wants to destroy to end the disaster. So you must destroy and assimilate humans to increase the number of undead. But humanity has created solid defensive barriers to prevent you from attacking. And to solve this, you must create many new zombies with the mutation system. When the number of zombies becomes innumerable, you will become an obsession for humanity. Download Zombie Night Terror MOD APK to destroy the world with your undead army led by you.

How to Download & Install Zombie Night Terror APK for Android


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