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Updated 14/10/2022 (12 months ago)
NameWanna Survive APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Wanna Survive MOD APK

Wanna Survive challenges players when fighting monstrous zombies, challenging to see who wins. A game that systematizes the turn according to each predetermined character route. You and the enemy participate in this game. Instead of the two sides constantly fighting each other in no order, you will now be able to make your attack when it’s your turn. Such interlacing is different from other games that make you curious and want to experience. Such turn assignment dispels the usual boredom in the game and changes the wind for players. The matches are brutal, thanks to the turn-based play, you will have a little more time to unleash strategic moves.

Life needs to be maintained throughout the game; mastering your path is the best way. The player has a strategy; the enemy is also equipped to fight. Therefore, no one will yield to anyone or let the other side dominate their path; all will stand up and fight. You escape death momentarily and prolong the luck of fate until your last breath. This game makes you unable to stop; it will be difficult to control once you enter. You only have to confront the zombie and launch a reasonable strategy to lower the prison. The player is in charge; every right or wrong decision affects his existence.

Wanna Survive mod

Download Wanna Survive mod – use strategy to destroy zombies

Wanna Survive belongs to the type of strategy game in which each character is cast. When your turn ends, it will be the zombie’s turn to attack and vice versa. The process of advancing occurs continuously until one of the two sides is destroyed. Each turn has only a tiny amount of time for you to show off, so make the most of it. It’s your turn to attack Wanna Survive, a navigation tool that shows the way first, and you have to choose. Players align the angle of attack, forward or backward, so that it is reasonable, or left and right to make it easier. The steps are shown as red squares, which will be the best direction for you to kill the zombies.

Wanna Survive apk

Huge amount of zombies

The target to destroy in Wanna Survive is the mighty team of zombies. You take a step; the zombie comes closer to you, and the battle begins. The number of zombies coming to you is more crowded; it is overwhelming, not giving you a way out. They also have their attack turn, so you must always be ready to fight. Players guess their direction and find ways to dodge their waves; you will lose some health if they collide with you. Use clever tactics to fight them. They have different shapes, but they are all monstrous and have their powers.

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Choosing a Survivor Location

The player moves to the North of the city to perform the assigned task. A cast of built-up characters is also waiting for you at that location. Your mission is to quickly reach the finish line to rescue them from the crazy zombies. The sites are arranged on the map, and the player has the right to choose where he wants to go. Streets, hotels, factories, or anywhere are set up on the map by Wanna Survive. Players challenge zombies at those spots, each with its unique mission. After each door, there will be new things; intense battles with zombies are done where you choose.

Wanna Survive mod apk

Test your strategic ability

Wanna Survive has created a unique function to capture your tactical situation. The game makes stages from easy to difficult to challenge what combat level is. The tactics are organized according to the player’s turn to test your ability quickly. From the review, you will know where you are and how much more you need to try to succeed. Prizes will also be given to you if you complete the challenge well. Everything you do is recognized, reviewed, and rewarded by Wanna Survive, worthy of your efforts. Level up your battle level to pass the game’s regular test.

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A game that brings many tactics, each opponent and you have their strengths. You can play with teammates, treat them as a close family and join hands to destroy the zombies. The arts of your strategy are brought to battle in every thrilling match. Prestigious prizes will also be explicitly designed for players. The medals and excellent individuals of the year were solemnly named. And do you want to both defeat your enemies and receive valuable rewards? It feels great to be a winner. Download Wanna Survive mod to unleash the ultimate strategy and destroy zombies in a turn-based game.

How to Download & Install Wanna Survive APK for Android

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