Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, unlocked heroes, skins) 1.1.7

Updated 02/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameDreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes APK
PublisherLoongcheer Game
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, unlocked heroes, skins
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes

Dreams often appear when we have fallen asleep in the night. It can bring weird, weird things to you or random cool things to you. What if, in that dream, you are a great hero with strength? Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes will let you satisfy this dream right away. Use cards that contain an infinite source of magic to defeat your opponents. Become the hero of the legend with unlimited courage.

Card games are often a bit boring and require high intelligence. But with Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes, those disadvantages will be completely overcome. Bringing adventurous levels for those who like change. Not only that, but the game also requires you to work hard to learn information—brainstorm strategies to be able to grasp what you need to do. The game’s graphics are also built-in extremely eye-catching 3D images.

Dreaming Dimension Deck Heroes mod free

Download Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes mod – Adventure in the vast dream world

Our hero has the task of eradicating all the monsters in the dream world. To do that, he needs help from the best person that is you. The mechanics of this game are fascinating, so you have to learn how to play first. The first is that at the beginning of the mission, you will control the character to move. Clear all the bushes to find your way. As you explore, you will find monsters blocking your way. To continue going, you will be required to destroy them in card battles. Defeat all enemies, and you will find your destination at the end of your path.

There are up to five cards in hand for the player to take advantage of. Each card represents an ability that the hero can do. Use it to attack, defend, or create special effects for yourself or to detriment enemies. Use it wisely to make the enemy’s HP depleted before you.

Dreaming Dimension Deck Heroes mod download

Choose an expert

There will be a total of six different specialists with unique fighting styles. These people will have their own profiles and specifications fully described for you. It is possible to find out before deciding to choose them to accompany in the battle. Some will have high hand damage, great skill power, or superior defense. With these people, you can fully exploit their strengths. Create advantages on the battlefield when combining multiple cards. These people all have for themselves a function that is to upgrade talent. The acquired talents will give them some cool special abilities in your favor.

Increasing difficulty

Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes will give players four different options for levels. Those will include sweet dreams, where friendly monsters will fight you. The quiet dream will be a bit more difficult with more monsters suddenly appearing stronger. The scary dream will be a challenge when you already know everything to do in the game—finally, the hardest nightmare level with terrible nightmares only for professionals. Every time a level is completed, a more difficult challenge will be unlocked. You will gradually increase your level of play until you have enough knowledge and strength to confront dangerous things.

Dreaming Dimension Deck Heroes mod apk

More than 500 types of cards

Your deck has a lot of different cards used in battle. You can read information about these cards in the options section to know more about them. These cards will have functions such as an attack, shield breaking, or defense. In each turn, you can use it according to your energy. When you run out of energy, you can’t attack or do anything next. With more than 500 cards, you can freely use any type of strategy you want. Based on luck to choose the necessary cards for you in each attack. Maximize the strength of the warrior with these cards.

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Maps and events

Each time you fight, you will be taken to a certain location in that world. Each location will often simulate the habitat of the monsters. It can be a jungle, a dungeon, or a vast plateau, depending on the arrangement of the system. Game events are held regularly. It will include attractive offers along with new modes for you to experience. Don’t forget to join to bring back valuable things for yourself. The more advantages you have, the faster your development is accelerated day by day in Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes mod.

How to Download & Install Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, unlocked heroes, skins) for Android


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